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  • I read all the warnings about the V7 upgrade. None of the extensions that are now paid for were needed, so I gave it a go.

    Login page broken. Just shows the short code.

    All other account related info pages broken. Just give nothing.

    Looked for help, or a guide. Nope, nothing to be found.

    Gone from a nicely working plugin (on twentyseventeen) to a website that doesn’t work.

    So, restored a backup, and will leave V7 well alone until there’s a track record of other users having more success and some advice on how to configure it.

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  • Thanks for the heads up. Leaving a plugin in an earlier version because the next one is a paid version, is not an option for me. I never leave a pending update in my dashboard, it does not feel right. I have already uninstall this one from a couple of websites and looking at other alternatives.

    Why wouldn’t the developer just release a PRO version like 99% of the paid WP Plugins? And let the users choose which one they want, the free (with limited features) or the Pro (with the extensions included)?

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    I agree – I always update to latest.

    I disabled the plugin but still had no login functionality at all…its so long since I installed this plugin I can’t even remember what a default WordPress login should look like, let alone how to get it back!

    A quick workaround:

    Send them to (WordPress native login) and use something like this:

    for simple customization (logo, colors, link)

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    really appreciate the suggestions…but, and sorry to be naive/inexperienced/dumb, but my login is all from menus which go to a specific login page that had the TML short code. How do I get back to the generic WP login? it’s SOOOO long ago that I got it all working! if you want to take a look 🙂

    Is that woocommerce installed for your eshop? Then just edit your “Login” page, remove TML shortcode and add [woocommerce_my_account]

    Using the [woocommerce_my_account] shortcode, a user will see their account details if they’re logged in and if they’re not logged in, they’ll see a login and registration form.

    For advanced customization (menus, appearance etc) check this out:

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    Again, really appreciate you taking the time to help.

    Its jigoshop, not woocommerce. But there may well be similar shortcodes…I’ll go look!


    not too sure what you really want to do here, but if you type this into your address bar, it will get you in.

    hope this helps

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    *I* can get in no problem. It’s site visitor/customer logins that are broken.

    Maybe I’m missing the point 🙁

    No, you’re correct. I see where the client login is not functioning. Unfortunately, this is beyond my level of expertise also. Don’t worry though – there are many super smart folks in here who should be able to help you out.

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    Thanks for the input Petunia. TML 6.4.16 reactivated (and cache cleared) so back to where I was, but if I disable TML I can’t figure out where the default (client) logins happen.

    I’m sure it’s a historic sequence of events…plugins added, themes changed, edits made, upgrades made; but I can’t not get back to a WP site that has default login from which I can move forward with either a new plugin or even TML 7.


    I already told you my friend, default login is here (customers too):

    I even registered at your site following the above native link and got this email:

    That’s the default login for WP.

    You, however have a link in your main navigation to a page called “Login” where you have the TML shortcode.

    • Either change that link to send users to native login and if you dont like the looks (that’s what TML does, theme’s login) check my suggestions in previous posts or
    • edit the page and insert your ecommerce shortcode, probably [jigoshop_my_account]

    I recommend the second option and using the default pages of your ecommerce solution. Check this out too:

    You could also use a different login plugin like Login with Ajax. It has most of the same features as TML. That is the current plugin I am switching too unless something better comes around.

    Thread Starter TimHardisty


    Thanks all – will have another go this evening 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Theme My Login


    Hi @timhardisty,

    Sorry for the troubles you were experiencing. We have released 7.0.1 which should resolve most of these issues.

    Thread Starter TimHardisty


    I reverted to V6.x, and waited on quite a few 7.x updates and then went for it again.

    It worked. Cool. I even then paid for recaptcha extension. All was good.

    Today, needed to login as admin and, FFS, cannot login again either as admin or as a dummy/test user.

    The wp-login route still works but not via the TML login page.

    WTF is going on as I don;t have time to fight plugins that misbehave. On 7.0.9 now.

    Tell me what to do, or I will have to disable and finally give up on TML.

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