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    In this latest version, you’ve chosen to output CSS directly to the page which is breaking layouts because of your use of float:left on the .addthis_toolbox container element. It looks like the breaking change was added in line 44 of addthis_sidebar_widget.php, and there is no option to disable or modify this. However, a good plugin should NEVER output <style> blocks directly in the page, nor inline styles on elements whenever possible.

    This is a lazy way to add/modify styles because it is not configurable, and it’s guaranteed to break layouts and themes for many users. Please be more considerate of developers’ own stylesheets and choose a better option, for example:

    • add the styles to the .css file so that it can be properly overridden and cached
    • add an option to disable raw output of CSS directly in the page (though <style> blocks should NEVER be written in the body of the page!)
    • or, use a WP filter to allow advanced developers to modify or remove this inline CSS

    I would appreciate if you used one of my suggestions above and kept your code clean and configurable for developers who choose to use your plugin and the AddThis service. If every time I update this plugin it breaks my page, I will be motivated to quickly select an entire other social sharing service.

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  • Hey Norwood, I understand your concern and you made a valid point there. The style blocks were added to fix a weird issue we had when used with other addThis plugins. It was intended to be made in a separate css file, but we slipped. We realized our mistake right after the release was made, and a fix was made available in our development branch ( / ) . This is the exact fix you have suggested, and this is the right way to do it. I deeply regret for the slip we made and the inconvenience caused to you. Once QA is done, we will be releasing it. Meanwhile, you are requested to use the version in dev branch.

    That’s awesome, I do appreciate that! I use AddThis on several of my business and personal websites because the service and the plugin are pretty great. And with 1.2 million other downloaders of this plugin, I want to help ensure others don’t experience issues like this, too 🙂

    Thank you for such a quick response! I’ve rolled back to the previous version, and I’ll simply wait for the next version before updating again.

    Your love makes us do better! We will be releasing the updated version early next week. Thanks again for the valuable feedback.

    3.0.4 is out, and the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience!

    I upgraded to 3.03 and an old WPSupercahce issue resurfaced – told it was fixed in v3.04

    I just upgraded to v3.04 and now I find styling errors per

    Again gone back to v3.02, sadly.

    Guys, please look into reverting to how you did styling correctly for all your previous versions. This is getting silly with the apparent lack of QA. I use AddThis on all my sites and I’m questioning why I should ever upgrade if it’s going to break critical components.

    Issue isn’t resolved as far as I can see.

    Well, my CSS override doesn’t work anymore. Where can I download previous versions?

    Click into the Developers tab @tosiabunio
    You’ll see v3.02 there.
    This is about the only plugin that I always have resvations in updating. Maybe needs far better QA processes?

    We have a new version in our development branch. It’s not yet passed by QA, and I suggest you to have it a try. I can understand the trouble when an update breaks your styles. We regret for that hurried release.

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