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    v3.5.1 includes all changes of v3.5.1 and v3.5.

    = 3.5.1 - Oct 20 2020 =
    * **JS** Inline JS containing nonces can now be combined.
    * **JS** Reset JS Combine/Defer to OFF when upgrading to avoid breaking sites.
    * **JS** Added new option JS Combine External and Inline to allow backwards compatibility.
    * **JS** Added Inline JS Defer option back. (@ankit)
    * **Page Optimize** Dropped Inline JS Minify option and merged the feature into JS Minify.
    * **JS** Pre-added jQuery to the default JS excludes/defer list for better layout compatibility for new users.
    * **JS** Excluded Stripe/PayPal/Google Mapa from JS optimization. (@FPCSJames)
    * **JS** Allowed excluded JS to still be HTTP2 pushed. (@joshua)
    * **CCSS** Critical CSS now can avoid network pollution from other sites. (@ankit)
    * **Toolbox** Beta Test now displays recent public versions so it is easier to revert to an older version
    * **Vary** Server environment variable Vary can now be passed to original server from for non-LiteSpeed servers.
    * **ESI** Improved backward compatibility for ESI nonce list. (@zach E)
    * 🐞**Misc** Fixed failure of upgrade button on plugin news banner and made cosmetic improvements.
    * **Doc** Added note that LSCWP works with ClassicPress.
    = 3.5 - Sep 29 2020 =
    * **Page Optimize** Refactored CSS/JS optimization.
    * **Page Optimize** CSS and JS Combine now each save to a single file without memory usage issues.
    * **CSS** Inline CSS Minify is now a part of CSS Minify, and will respect thr original priorities. (thanks to @galbaras)
    * **JS** JS Combine now generates a single JS file in the footer. (Special thanks to @ankit)
    * **JS** JS Combine now combines external JS files, too. (Thanks to @ankit)
    * **JS** JS Deferred Excludes now uses the original path/filename as keywords instead of the minified path/filename, when JS Minify is enabled.
    * **JS** JS Combine now combines inline JS, too.
    * **JS** JS Excludes may now be used for inline JS snippet.
    * **Page Optimize** Inline CSS Minify and Max Combined File Size retired due to changes listed above.
    * **CSS** Combined CSS Priority retired due to changes listed above.
    * **JS** Exclude JQuery, Combined JS Priority, Load Inline JS Deferred, and Inline JS Deferred Excludes retired due to changes listed above.
    * **JS** Predefined data file data/js_excludes.txt now available for JS Excludes.
    * **ESI** Predefined data file data/esi.nonces.txt now available for ESI Nonces.
    * **ESI** Remote Fetch ESI Nonces functionality retired.
    * **API** Added support for new litespeed_esi_nonces filter.
    * **Object** Object Cache will not try to reconnect after failure to connect in a single process.
    * **CCSS** Remote read CSS will add the scheme if it is missing from the URL.
    * **CCSS** CSS will no longer be prepared for a URL if 404 result is detected.
    * **CCSS** Fixed most failures caused by third party CSS syntax errors.
    * **CCSS** Remote read CSS will fix the scheme if the URL doesn't have it.
    * **CCSS** Excluded 404 when preparing CSS before request.
    * **CCSS** Adjusted CCSS timeout from 180 seconds to 30 seconds.
    * **Image Optimize** Fixed the delete attachment database error that occurred when not using the image optimization service yet.
    * **Media** Added iOS 14 WebP support.
    * **Data** Fixed database creation failure for MySQL v8.
    * **Cloud** Error code err_key will clear the domain key in order to avoid duplicate invalid requests.
    * **Network** Fixed issue with object cache password file storage that occurred when resaving the settings. (#302358)
    * **Misc** Fixed IP detect compatibility w/ Apache.
    * **GUI** Fixed the description for Do Not Cache Categories.
    * **Preload** Upgraded Instant Click to a new stable preload library. (@stasonua0)

    v3.5.1 is ready. As this contains major refactor and option tuning to JS optimization, we will not set it to latest live WP stable version in one week.

    Also I will push to plugin news banner soon. If you have enabled Notifications option from General Settings, you will also notice the upgrade message at that moment.

    NOTE: In v3.5.1 there is a bugfix for the upgrade button on plugin news banner, which means if you received the v3.5.1 available banner, the install button in that banner won’t be able to work. You will still need to follow these steps to install v3.5.1:

    To install v3.5.1:

    – Go to Toolbox > Beta Test

    – Type in the input field.

    – Press the Upgrade button

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  • After applying the above commit, things looked great with the LiteSpeed lazy load. However, when I switched back to the EWWW IO lazy load (because caching must maintain the site’s design and functionality), images disappeared again.

    I’ve tracked this down to the CSS Combine setting. Comparing to my live site, it seems that style blocks are being combined even when they are nested inside noscript tags, like this:

    <noscript><style>.lazyload[data-src]{display:none !important;}</style></noscript>

    The same happens with nesting from another very popular plugin:

    <noscript><style>.woocommerce-product-gallery{opacity:1 !important;}</style></noscript>

    I’m not sure how you want to handle this and still keep things in the correct order, but the behaviour is incorrect.

    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    Thanks for the good catch Gal!

    We can have two solutions for this issue:
    1. Keep the noscript css as is.

    2. Drop them totally.

    For solution 1, can you try the following change to see if it can fix or not?

    1) Go to

    2) Change

    		$content = preg_replace( array( '#<!--.*-->#sU', '#<script([^>]*)>.*</script>#isU' ), '', $this->content );


    		$content = preg_replace( array( '#<!--.*-->#sU', '#<script([^>]*)>.*</script>#isU', '#<noscript([^>]*)>.*</noscript>#isU' ), '', $this->content );
    Mindfit Hypnosis


    Has an annoying message screen that does not go away when the ‘x’ is pressed, and appears over every single page on the dashboard.

    Not being a techie, I had to disable the plugin until you get rid of this

    Gal Baras


    @hailite Well, after applying the code change, images now appear both with and without JavaScript, which is great.

    In the case of the WooCommerce styles, the styling is minor and makes sense, plus it’s clearly meant to override previous styling (hence the !important).

    I think this will do nicely. Thanks.

    Gal Baras


    @mindfit-hypnosis Can you check your browser’s console and your site’s error_log and wp-admin/error_log for any relevant messages?

    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    @mindfit-hypnosis That is a known bug and fixed in v3.5.1 in this changelog:

    NOTE: In v3.5.1 there is a bugfix for the upgrade button on plugin news banner

    v3.5.1 will go released this week. You can either upgrade to this version to be able to get that X work, or turn off setting Notification from General settings.

    @galbaras The fix is included in Thanks again!



    We are on v3.5.0.2 and have multiple sites that are getting a notification message to beta test v3.5.1 that will not close on the admin backend.



    The latest official release can now have the beta test window closed by x’ing it out and it will no longer show.

    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    Thanks for your update. Enjoy!

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