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    Since v3.0.0 (OR WP 4.7, I have updated both, the PlugIn and WP today), I can’t make any exceptions in the back-end target settings. The arrows are without function.

    Kind regards!

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  • Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hello @alpengreis,

    Sorry for my late response. I’d like to confirm what you mean.

    The arrows are without function.

    Which one is your issue?

    A. The arrow at “Exception” is grayed out. So you can’t click it.
    B. The arrow at “Exception” is normal. But when you click it, nothing happens.
    C. You can click arrow and then it opens. Then you can select items, but doesn’t work properly.

    I think your issue may be A or B each of which may be caused by some JavaScript error.So could you check if some JS error happens and what message does your browser show.

    I appreciate your cooperation.

    Thread Starter alpengreis


    Hi @tokkonopapa

    I am unsure now 😉

    I try to explain the behaviour in my Firefox Browser:

    – First, the positive thing:

    It works if I click direct to the NAMES (“Exceptions”, or “Target Actions”) …

    The mouse pointer shows an Arrow with question mark and I can see the hover text. After a click the list opens and works.

    – Second, I am really unsure about that – maybe I am wrong here and this was always the case …

    However, if I go over an Arrow, the mouse pointer shows a Hand (which would be right?), but I can’t click the Arrow, nothing happens (the Arrow is NOT greyed out). So this would be then your Scenario “B”. I have NO JS errors as fas as I can see.

    Okay, if this behaviour is normal, please forget my posting and close this case.

    Thank you very much!

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    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Dear @alpengreis,

    Thank you for your time to describe the details.

    At first, I have to correct my description about B as:

    B. The arrow at “Exception” is NOT grayed out. But when you click it, nothing happens.

    So your following comment is right:

    However, if I go over an Arrow, the mouse pointer shows a Hand (which would be right?), but I can’t click the Arrow, nothing happens (the Arrow is NOT greyed out). So this would be then your Scenario “B”. I have NO JS errors as fas as I can see.

    And this behaviour is not NORMAL. So I can’t close this thread and have to identify why this issue happens without js error.

    To do this, I should know about your environment to replicate it and investigate the cause on my own WP environment. So I appreciate you if you let me know followings:

    – WP version (4.7?)
    – All plugins and versions
    – Theme and version
    – Muti site or single site

    Thanks for your contribution to solve this issue!

    Thread Starter alpengreis



    No problem, I want support you with all infos you need!

    -First info: I have this problem too with different browser Edge (without any Browser-Addons or Extensions or something like that) – just to let you know.

    – WP version = 4.7 (set to language CH_de (Swiss German))
    – Plugins:
    .. Antispam Bee v2.6.9
    .. Cachify v2.2.4
    .. Child Theme Check v1.0.1
    .. Contact Form 7 v4.6
    .. Cookie Notice v1.2.37
    .. Duplicate Post v3.0.3
    .. Force Regenerate Thumbnails v2.0.6
    .. IP Geo Block v3.0.0
    .. LayerSlider WP v6.0.5
    .. Plugin Security Scanner v1.4.1
    .. Sewn In Simple SEO v2.0.9
    .. Sewn In XML Sitemap v2.0.4
    .. Slider Revolution v5.3.0.2
    .. WPBakery Visual Composer v5.0.1

    All are up-to-date EXCEPT:
    – LayerSlider WP, because it’s integrated in BeTheme and BeTheme support says they must test first the new v6.0.6 (now the newest is even v6.1.0)

    – Theme = BeTheme 15.9 (current)

    – Site = Single site

    Thank you very much!

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hello @alpengreis,

    Thank you for your information and offer.

    I built a fresh site based on your information except the following plugins and theme because they’re premium.

    – LayerSlider WP v6.0.5
    – Slider Revolution v5.3.0.2
    – WPBakery Visual Composer v5.0.1
    – BeTheme 15.9

    And unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue.

    Back-end settings

    So I propose two things:

    1. The purpose of “Exception” is to avoid undesired blocking when you enable “Block by country” or “Prevent Zero-day Exploit” for “Plugins area” and “Themes area“. Some plugins or themes requests PHP files directly in their directory without WP standard way. In those cases, sometimes this plugin would fail to validate correctly and cause undesired blocking. So when you experience such cases, you can specify plugins and themes to prevent this kind of undesired blocking.

    But there’s an alternative method to specify the items programmatically. Please refer to the documents of custom filters for plugins and themes. And also note that when you select “mu-plugins” (ip-geo-block-mu.php) as “Validation timing“, you should write your code into drop-in.php. Please refer to this document.

    2. Another proposal is to identify that your premium plugin or theme affects this plugin or not. In this case, I have to ask you to deactivate each plugin and theme one by one. I hope you have a test site not to affect your main production site.

    For my side, I’ll keep to investigate to solve this issue. So please keep watching this thread.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    Thread Starter alpengreis


    Thank you for fast answer!

    1) “Validation Timing”
    It’s not easy to change the “Validation timing” because I have indeed other filters (from BeTheme) … I could add those to drop-in.php, but what is if they change the functions.php with filters (and even this WAS the case already I believe)? So I would have to always check the functions.php too after each Theme update, if I forget, I could have a problem. So I prefer to not change that setting.

    2) Even if I could find out WHICH premium plugin is responsible for that behaviour, I could NOT deactivate it (theme anyway not). I could only hope that an exception would be enough, but I am really unsure about that.

    3) The time problem: I have no test site to make such things and I can’t make a such one (at the moment) because I have even not enough time for REAL site. Nevertheless, IF I have a good time frame in future I will maybe create a test setup for such things.

    4) Currently, I have to make a re-setup of the hole project anyway (other reasons), and because I have even the other problem as described in thread:

    (I can’t change the browser) … and this problem here now, I am a bit too unsure now about the compatibility with all those things.

    So, since I have even included some other security solutions (NOT with plugins) on the server, the most important part for me is: my premium theme AND the premium plugins AND at least some of other plugins must run together without any conflict.

    This means now (at least for the moment) that I will no longer use your PlugIn, sorry about that.

    I appriciate your help and thank you very much.

    I will see what I can do in future.

    Kind regards!


    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Dear @alpengreis,

    I’m very sorry about some issues on your site.
    And I also thank you for your time to let me know your situation.
    Of course, I respect your decision. I’ll do my best to get you back.

    Best regards,

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