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  • re: “What happened to the template list in 2.6.1????”

    I had added a template through Edit Themes and saw the list of all files in PAGE Edit.

    After log off, day away from task, log on, pull down now shows only default, archives templates. None of the suggestions in ref’d thread helped.

    The full list remains alive and well in Edit Themes.

    Browsing MySQL Table: bw_posts shows Pages as well as Posts, but code shows nothing of template used.

    1. How can I get back the full template/file list for PAGE Edit?
    2. Can I select a template by other means?
    2. Or, can I make valid pages thru Edit Themes?
    3. Or can I somehow force template equivalent some other way?

    I do NOT want to mess up the standard template files already in use.
    I DO want to modify specific pages.

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  • You should look at the Pages article and note the discussion of Page Templates in that article.

    Thanks for
    It includes words ‘Toward the bottom of the Write > Page administration panel (or on the sidebar, depending on which version of WordPress you are using) is a drop-down labeled “Page Template.”‘

    Ref does NOT explain why formerly (2 days ago) I could see more than the basic 2 or 3 templates in the PAGE Edit/Attributes/Templates pull-down, and now cannot. Next statement is no longer valid.
    “Some themes have custom templates you can use for certain pages that might have additional features or custom layouts. If so, you’ll see them above.”

    Without ALL templates in that pull down, how do I USE the templates?
    My initial post asked “Can I select a template by other means?”

    Several posts to support-forum complain about the loss of said pull down list in PAGE Edit.

    By the way, in exported sql, I found examples of form
    (621, 412, ‘_wp_page_template’, ‘default’);
    so could change template after page creation. TEDIOUS.

    Well, I created a dummy PRIVATE page, downloaded bw_posts.sql, located the page name, but there was no reference to a template. So I can’t rescue anything by editing the sql.

    RE:”Why is there no Page Template option when writing or editing a Page?”
    Already been there, done that. See my original post.

    Change themes to the WordPress Default theme, then change back to your theme.

    Already been there, done that.

    If you change to the WordPress Default theme do you see any choices for the Page Template pulldown? You should see Links as that’s a page template.

    I just tried it again and got err msg
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function body_class() in /home/parent/public_html/domain/wp-content/themes/default/header.php on line 35 [aliases ‘parent’ and ‘domain’ inserted for host account and domain name]
    How do I restore ability to activate DEFAULT theme?
    For CLASSIC, I get error
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function body_class() in /home/parent/public_html/domain/wp-content/themes/classic/header.php on line 25
    Re uploading the 2 themes did not fix.

    I went to another of my sites, found PAGE Editor was showing only templates default and archives. I toggled to DEFAULT theme, still only 2 templates in pull-down. Toggled back, same.
    So, as I said initially (and cited thread also said)
    “PAGE Edit Template List Lost”
    It ain’t me, guys, it’s WP.

    Backup your database and files.

    Then do Tools->Upgrade->Re-Install Automatically. That should install a clean set of files for both the Default and Classic themes.

    Also might consider deactivating all plugins. I am not seeing the problem at 2.8.

    Well I managed to get this template visible in default theme Page Edit pull down, minimum.php

     * @package WordPress
     * @subpackage Default_Theme
    Template Name: Minimum

    Then I put “Hello World” in that template and saved page.
    NOTHING displays in browser.
    That last step is a killer. Help, anyone?

    I’m having the same problem I think, my page templates were all in the drop down list yesterday, logged in today and all I’ve got is the standard page and page with comments, slightly bemused because as far as I can see the page with comments is identified the same way as any other custom template, did you manage to work anything out? This is pretty frustrating.

    I actually resolved this issue for my site, It could well be a different issue for you, but in my case I have two very similar themes, and whilst working on styling I had accidentally ftp’d the style.css I was working on to the wrong theme folder.
    This caused two different themes with the same name under themes, I swapped the css back around and got my page templates drop down back.

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