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    A site that was functioning just fine yesterday is now failing to load all the elements typically displayed on the Edit (Page or Post) admin screen, specifically randomly failing to load the media upload/insert elements and the quicktags. Note all profiles for users have the wysiwyg option disabled and normally, both the media insert and custom quicktag tools load properly.

    In Firefox via the Error Console, I see about 13-14 “Jquery is not defined” errors and the last error of “edToolbar is not defined”

    Question: would server slow downs cause this? Or, should I look at some corruption of files?

    What’s weird is that it’s sort of random — happening more in Firefox than in IE browsers — and not always failing to load both things. Additionally, the admin css is failing to load at times (again, a random occurrence)

    I know I can upgrade to 2.8x but want to know what could be going wrong with 2.7x, since this same version and content and theme files were working just fine only yesterday.

    Note: I am not the only one experiencing these issues with this particular site; other computers in different parts of the country are seeing the same random admin issue.

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    Question: in v2.7, is there a jquery folder in \wp-includes\js\?

    I think my hosting company is having WordPress versioning issues with their Fantastico installer and/or somehow getting files and folders screwed up…

    They say they are having major networking issues — would that cause “JQuery is not defined” and “edToolbar is not defined” errors even though the various files referenced by said errors appear to be located on the remote server correctly?



    Tuens out that this was being caused by the hosting company’s third party software installer app (Fantastico) because they were installing and/or upgrading to OLDER versions… so, some files got upgraded, some got “retro-graded”.

    All fixed now, though. Thanks for listening!

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