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  • I am having problems with V 2.5 gallery. In Firefox (latest version on both XP and Vista) the insert image only inserts the uploaded image. eg. the 550 pix wide images I uploaded. It is generating the mid and thumbnail sizes, to the same folder as the full size images. It inserts the full size image no matter what image size radio button is selected. The path indicator on the bottom of the write window however says mid when the mid size button is selected. The path indicator also says thumb when the thumb radio button is selected. But the full size image is inserted. The NextGen gallery will insert both the full size and thumbnail images.
    Also in IE (V6 on XP and V7 on Vista) the uploader will not display the uploaded image thumbs and the “Show” button will not open up the image menu.
    Mark McGillveray

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  • This is a bump
    I upgraded to WP 2.5.1 and still having the same problem. WP will only insert the full size image to the post, no matter what size radio button I select. Even when inserting a gallery to the post it inserts the full size images. It is making thumbs and mid size sizes. It is for example: taking the “filename.jpg” and renaming the thumbs “filename-150×115.jpg” and the medium files to “filename-300×225.jpg”. Is this correct?

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