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    Some of the admin enhancements needed to allow checkbox & radio button lists (and make the form editor less confusing) didn’t make this release but are slated for 2.4.

    What did make the cut is:

    A bunch of CSS fixes

    A whole slew of form level overrides for what were global settings

    Support for using placeholders instead of labels (for very slick looking forms)

    Fixes to formatting issues with <br> tags, and a per form choice for top vs left aligned labels

    Fixes to prevent unintended and double form submissions

    Text domain loading and a .pot file (a first for this plugin). If you want your to translate the plugin for v 2.4 email comment below and we’ll work out the details.

    Most of these were in response to your bug reports and feature requests, so please keep them coming!

    = 2.3 =
    * Allow some settings to be overridden per form (Success Message, Captcha, OrgId, etc)
    * Support for option to use placeholders instead of labels (per form)
    * Remove newlines in form HTML that were being converted to <br> upon output
    * Add Settings link to plugin list screen
    * Grey out non enabled fields in admin
    * Set a default checkbox width as some themes think input{ width: 100% } is a good idea...
    * All default CSS now uses relative sizes
    * Prevent multiple submission of form data (even if it's the same form id on the page multiple times)
    * Remember "send me a copy" between submits
    * Defined DONOTCACHEPAGE if captcha is enabled
    * Fix PHP notices when form is submitted
    * Update ads and landing page URLs
    * Add support links to plugin list page, restore plugin link
    * Load text domain on plugin init, add .pot file

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