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  • EDIT: This is resolved, but I don’t know how or why this worked.

    I simply uploaded another theme and once again clicked on the “Presentation” link in the admin panel. Voila, they were all there again.

    I had refreshed the page several times, so that was not the issue. I do not know why uploading another theme appears to have fixed the issue.

    Baffled, but glad that it’s working again..

    Hello folks,

    I have upgraded to WordPress v2.2, and after the upgrade my list of “Available Themes” is empty.

    Here is a screen shot of what I’m talking about:

    As you can see, the currently running theme IS listed, but everything under “Available Themes” is now gone.

    I have not changed anything in the themes.
    I have not changed anything with the directories of the themes.
    The themes are NOT listed inside of sub-directories (ala wp-themes/title/title/)

    I have only upgraded to v2.2, and now it appears that WP suddenly does not see the other themes.

    This has occurred on two different blogs, both of which the only change has been an upgrade to v2.2

    I would appreciate any assistance with this, and thank those in advance who wish to share their experience. 🙂


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  • I am seeing this problem too.

    The available themes list is empty even though classic and almostspring are in the themes directory.

    My problem is resolved. I just needed to login to site admin and activate themes

    ok. i officially hate wordpress. same problem … i have themes uploaded in the proper directory … and nothing shows up in my dashboard ~ no current theme … no available theme. yet there are themes in the directory.

    any solutions? i have tried logging out and logging in. there are no friggin themes to activate!

    this whole wordpress BS is starting to seem like FAR MORE TROUBLE that its worth!

    screw this. i have wasted enuf time! grrrrrrrrrrr.




    mantissa, if you want help and not just somewhere to bitch – provide a link to your blog.

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