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  • Hello, I’m trying to update websites with the latest version and I notice:
    – The editor does not work (except on the theme builder)
    – The separation widgets used lose their settings

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  • pingram


    I would try to go back to 2.6.8 as 2.7.0 was reported to have issues. Does the built-in Version Control option fail when you try to go to 2.6.8?

    Ok so now the latest version 2.7.1 works but NOT when the pro Version 2.6.5 is active. Basically the widget sidebar loading icon just spins

    yes @pingram3541 it’s the same, I can’t downgrade… and in safe mode I have the same problem than @swvict, the widget sidebar loading icon just spins…



    I make a habit of doing two things before every upgrade, yes it’s a pain but it’ll save you in these circumstances.

    – make a zip backup of the plugin folder noting it’s current version (this way all I have to do is unzip to rewrite the folder and everything is back – file-wise)
    – make a backup of my database and name it accordingly so I know it was prior to X plugin update

    If you reaaaaly want to be careful, setup a private Git account on your host watching the /wp-content/ folder that way you always have versioning automatically, but Git does have a learning curve.

    Ok, back to the issue at hand…since the roll-back feature fails the only other way to get an older version is to roll back on another WordPress instance and then copy that version and paste it over your current site or get a copy from the WordPress repo over on Trac here (this one is v2.6.8)

    Downloading each file/folder listed in this “trunk” directory into a directory named “elementor” on your machine, zip that up and install over your current version…or delete the current one first if you want to be sure all files are replaced and not just new/modified.

    Thank you @pingram3541 for your answer.

    Well I’m not feeling confortable with rolling back that way… So my question is really simple: if I’m deleting Elementor and install it again, does I’ll lose all my layout ? I did it once to solve an issue, but I don’t remember if I had to do something to save my layout…




    @crael The contents of what you build w/ Elementor is stored in the database.

    If you delete the plugin folder, nothing in the database is removed, just the files that are read from these entries in the database. Again, deleting the /elementor/ plugin folder in your /wp-content/plugins/ folder does not remove anything you have created or built with Elementor.

    What I do is prepare the version I want to roll back to and upload the zip file in the /wp-content/plugins/ folder. This way when it is extracted, a new /elementor/ folder with that version is created and already active.

    Here’s the steps:

    1) Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/ and make a backup zip copy of the existing Elementor folder version (say 2.7.1) and name the zip file and leave it in your /plugins/ folder.

    2) Prepare the roll-back version (say 2.6.8) and zip it up and upload to the /plugins/ folder named

    3) Now you have both versions in your /plugins/ directory, when you want to roll-back to 2.6.8, simply delete the current /elementor/ folder entirely and then unzip the file. Takes all but 2 seconds.

    4) Navigate to the back end of you site and you’ll see it is now running off the older version and you didn’t even have to deactivate it.

    *if you need to go back to 2.7.1 and cannot or prefer not to use the WordPress plugin update method, simply repeat step 3 but when it comes to the unzip part, do it with the file.

    I keep copies of many versions so I can do this on the fly and don’t even need to use the roll-back feature that are built in.

    One important thing to note, you need to also make sure if you use Pro, what version of Pro supports the Elementor version you are rolling back to or you could also create a conflict. In this scenario we already know v2.6.8 is compatible already with Pro version 2.6.5 we are good to roll-back.

    All right @pingram3541 thank you so much !

    I’ve done it and everything seems to be working ! 🙂

    Thanks a lot !!



    @crael that’s great news, thanks for the update!

    Well update => the 2.7.2 doesn’t fix the issue… I’ll stay in 2.6.8 lol

    Plugin Support davidr90


    Please try updating to the latest elementor version 2.7.3,
    and let me know if you have managed to solve those issues.

    Hello @davidr90,

    Nope it doens’t solve those issues sorry. I still can’t use widget and some of my separator disapear etc…

    Plugin Support davidr90


    Have you updated to the latest Elementor version (2.7.3)?
    Are you currently able to edit with Elementor?

    Yes @davidr90 I did updated to the 2.7.3 version, but nothing change actually.

    And the 2.7.4 version doesn’t solve the issue neither @davidr90 … ; ;

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