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    I spent the better part of today trying to get 2.3 and 5.3 playing nice together. Below are the issues I have had so far. These updates were performed on an AWS EC2 server connected to an S3 bucket. The associated IAM policy gives it full access to all S3 buckets in the account.

    These were the updates performed, in order:

    1. Offload Media to 2.3
    2. WordPress to 5.3


    After upgrading Offload Media to 2.3 (but before upgrading WordPress), the Media Library page comes up blank. Nothing shows below the title and “Add New” button. When running in DEBUG mode, no errors are logged. This is true even with ALL other plugins disabled. After upgrading WordPress to 5.3, the issue went away. This suggests that 2.3 is not backwards compatible – so beware.


    The mass offload feature (Settings > Offload Media > “Offload Now”) no longer works after upgrading. Even if the associated bucket is empty and the site is full of uploads (attachments), the progress bar shows up for a couple seconds and then “Finished offloading Media Library to bucket.” is displayed, though nothing has actually occurred. The S3 bucket remains empty.

    Note that when media was subsequently added through the Media library like normal, that the one file did show up in the S3 bucket and also in the new custom table wp_as3cf_items. It is only when trying to sync a mass of files that it fails. This also proves that S3 permissions or connectivity are not at fault here.


    The described “custom table migration” process never kicks off. I was doing this on a dev site, but purposefully reloaded the home page over and over to make sure the cron would indeed kick in. When I parsed out the cron’s contents, there was nothing related to offload media in the queue at all, and the wp_as3cf_items table remained empty.

    Without first addressing at least the second 2 issues above, upgrading is extremely risky at this point. I know this was a rushed update and there are probably lots of kinks left to work out yet so I wanted to make you aware of what is going on so that you can hopefully expedite the work towards a better patch.


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    Sounds like you have a license for WP Offload Media, please contact us via the Support tab of WP Offload Media’s settings page.

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