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    After automatic upgrade of the free version to v2.28 I notice a change of the static start page of my site
    The update breaks the design of the start page. I use some random header media pictures an the option to show latest blog postings with an own picture in the second section of the start page.

    Normal the start show a picture full size, menu at the bottom. If you scroll down you should see the second picture full size followed by the blog section. After the update 2.28 the first header picture is minimized to banner size (as it used on all other pages) and the second section picture shows up in midsize (?). The text is limited to the width of the second picture.

    If you need screenshots please ask and I will do some for you.


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  • This latest update seems to themes that use the is_front_page() call. I’ve noticed on two separate custom themes that this is the case with the latest update of the plugin. If I disable the plugin the front pages go back to normal. Please fix ASAP!

    The problem seems to be in the following file at line 273:


    I removed the following line at 273:

    $wp_query->is_page = FALSE;

    And now my conditionals are evaluating properly again.

    mxmedia…thanks for finding this.

    I was having similar issues where the slider from my Customizr theme wasn’t showing. Commenting out line 273 fixed it for me.

    This fixed Education Hub Pro theme, thank you mxmedia!

    line at 273:
    // $wp_query->is_page = FALSE;

    Thanks, works for me on Twenty Seventeen. Good Catch.

    this fix has not changed my problem on a site that uses an older Blaskan child theme. My site currently down and only displaying ??????????????????????????????

    I have similar issue. I must disable Nextgen on my site. Now whe I am trying to enable I received critical error and ???????????????????????????????????????R??????????????

    Anybody help?



    Fixed my issue. Great Fix!

    Hopefully this is something that they can repair in the next release as it seems to have broken a lot of themes.

    Plugin will not active I get Fatal Error.

    OMG. Thank you!! This fixed my problem.

    Plugin Support edanzer


    Just a quick note that we’ll be trying to push a fix for the Line 273 issue – which seems to be affecting theme styling or causing fatal errors in some cases – in the next hour.

    For those of you with the ??????? being displayed, could one of you email us at, and if open to it, share your site’s login data so we can see the issue?

    One point I’d like to make: our entire team is unable to duplicate any of the issues in this or related threads. We have five people trying all kinds of things. So whatever is going on here, it’s happening in some kind of very specific conditions, and it’s not just which theme is active.

    For now, what we do know is that removing line 273 seems to work as a fix when it does happen, so we’re going to make that adjustment and push a quick release.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the ????? issue. And right now, since we can’t duplicate that issue, we can’t fix it and don’t have access to a site with the issue, we’re having a hard time fixing it.

    (Erick – CEO, Imagely)

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    Plugin Support edanzer


    Follow up question – those of you with ????? showing, are you all using internationalization/localization? That is, are your sites in any language other than English?

    Plugin Support edanzer


    Hey all – we just pushed 2.2.9. When folks get a chance, can you update and confirm whether your issues are fixed?

    This removes a line of code that was causing some rending issues with some themes, and also some fatal errors under very specific conditions we couldn’t duplicate.

    As far as we know, it will not fix those seeing question marks or odd characters. If you update and still see those characters, we still don’t have access to any single site with the issue. So if you could contact us at with your site url and, ideally, login credentials, that would help us resolve your issue.



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    For my problem with the start page break in Twenty Seventeen Design V2.2.9 fix it.

    Kind Regards

    Plugin Support edanzer


    Thanks @andreasl. Good to hear.

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