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    v1503 is said to fix the previous problems of 1501/2 (missing files?!?) but I’ve found it’s not quite fixed 🙁

    Screen shot here:

    I’ve had to delete the caldera files from the plugin directory and replace them with the trusty v149

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  • Plugin Author Josh Pollock



    Sorry about this, as we’ve been saying since December, 1.5 is a MAJOR update and it’s best to test it on a staging or local server first to make sure you don’t have any problems, if so we want to hear about them at

    I can’t tell since I’m not looking at HTML here, but are you sure you’re not getting black text on a black background? If so, I suspect that this is beacuse your theme’s CSS that changes field label color to a legible color is running after our CSS.

    I say this, since it looks fine on my test sites, but I have a white background.

    If my theory is right, then the fix is pretty easy, we need to get our CSS loading higher up on your page, then your theme’s CSS. The solution might be as easy as loading this line of code to your functions.php:

    add_filter( ‘caldera_forms_force_enqueue_styles_early’, ‘__return_true’ );

    Thanks Josh

    I’m not sure how I feel about this – Here’s a screen shot of the two versions side by side.

    Acceptable? yeah maybe. But from a clients perspective who just sees a plugin update in their dashboard, I’m not so sure.

    Then there’s the Automated Plugin Update Features some Agencies have implemented. Oh boy on this one.

    Solution? Don’t update and risk a security patch over non needed features? I really don’t know.

    Thanks again.

    #Marked as Resolved – Won’t be updating

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    Plugin Author Josh Pollock



    I’d really like to figure out if this is a theme conflict or a bug. Once I know that, I can help you. I agree, that your screenshots look bad. But I don’t know WHY they look bad. I don’t even know what theme you’re using. I lack the basic information I would need to help you. I want to help you, but I can’t.

    If you could tell me the line numbers of the Caldera Forms CSS files and your theme’s CSS file in 1.4.x vs 1.5.x that would be really useful. If you could tell me if the text is actually missing from the generated HTML or if it is just not legible, that would be really useful.

    Josh, I’ve tested by the basic methods, tried on two themes (2017 and Ultra)
    Fresh install on WP and no other plugin,
    and On two different hosts.

    I’ve just sent a Support request with required login credentials for a test site created just for this issue.

    I do appreciate your dedication in getting this resolved.

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