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  • Hello,
    I thought I read that 1.5 allowed for members to submit posts to be moderated and then if approved published to the blog.
    I’m not sure how this is done. Is it a permissions rule or something?
    Thanks for your help.

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  • i’m not 100% sure but i believe that’s only for “newly registered” members – or level 0 people – and that’s within the options menu.

    If the author is set to level 1, they can’t publish.

    Thank you, so if the author/member is on level 0 they can submit post but not publish? Or do they have to be level 1 onwards…? Do they have to be new members in 1.5 or will earlier members be able to do this also? Also if this is an option where abouts do I turn it on etc.
    Many thanks for the quick reply.

    In terms of publishing posts, a user with user level:
    0 – Can’t do anything.
    1 – Can write drafts and submit them for approval (I don’t believe there’s any automatic email notification for this at the moment).
    2 and higher – Can publish directly.

    This should be true for all members regardless of whether they were created after upgrading or before. And this is not an option, it’s just how it works :)

    Be sure to tell your level 1 authors to click “Save as Draft” rather than “Save as Private“.

    Thanks for your help, from that answer comes another question!
    I get a level1 user to save a post as draft and then a level2 user logs in sees it and then publishes it. On the main page of the blog it says that the level2 author posted the article NOT the level1 user who wrote it.
    Can this be fixed or worked around?
    Many Thanks Again.

    Odd – it works fine for me. What 1.5 nightly are you running?

    I’m using 1.5 beta 1 2005-01-05

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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