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  • Will Stocks


    Hi guys,
    Apologies, I originally hijacked the v1.9 release thread ( which has been locked off (understandably – apologies again!).

    PHP 7.2
    WP 5.0.3
    AALB 1.9.0

    When using v1.9 with the latest WP release (5.0.3), AALB prevents all <a> tags in the same post content from working. They all become “images” to a 1×1 image stored behind https://ir-(and then the rest of the URL – I’ll grab it in a bit for you). No console errors are logged

    HOWEVER, if I copy the shortcode that AALB generates, delete the AALB block and then paste the shortcode into the WP default shortcode block – everything works perfectly.

    I was also seeing a LOT of logs in my php-slow.log relating to AALB. It was making multiple calls (around 5 per minute) regardless of whether I was using a block or not. Furthermore, I was getting a LOT of errors logged relating to API usage, which is extremely surprising to me considering I haven’t used AALB for almost 6 months, due to the fact that it hasn’t been Gutenberg compatible. I will get examples from my logs for this for you.

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  • Yeah, I know 1.8.0 version doesn’t work with Gutenberg. But I would be happy if it worked. Anyway, I use to create the shortcuts myself , even more when the search stopped working anymore, can this be a added problem somehow?

    And well, I changed to 1.8.0 yesterday when I posted and still not working at all. I waited for a day to see if it needed some time. And nothing. I still can’t search, and links do not show. πŸ™

    Will Stocks


    FWIW, I have just tried reaching out via Twitter as well πŸ˜”

    Hopefully we will hear something soon one way or another

    Will Stocks


    I’ve just logged in to my server and happened to run htop and have noticed that I have over 40 apache processes spawned/running (consuming cpu and memory) – it looks like the sheer majority of them are due to AALB (looks like ~35 are due to Amazon!)

    I have just reached out to Amazon Associates UK support via so hopefully @amazonlinkbuilder will be getting in touch soon! πŸ™‚

    I had a response from Amazon Associates: The only support channel for the AALB plugin is this forum.
    They also suggested I reach out on the associates forum, just to see what’s what… I posted but have not received a response there either (again, it seems like a community forum rather than an “Amazon Support” forum):

    In the meantime, I’ve disabled the AALB plugin on my site because it’s doing more harm than good. We’ve had over 9 weeks of no response (to any support requests) so I’m on the brink of considering the AALB plugin abandon-ware at this point, which I find very strange because less than 6 months ago it’s all I saw when I logged in to my Associates portal and now I’m without alternative – I either suffer poor performance, throttled API calls, a bloating DB, incompatibilities… or I take the revenue hit.

    @amazonlinkbuilder are you able to offer up any support/advice at all please?

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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