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v0.93 on Multi-site: Not Creating .htaccess files

  • Running WP multi-site 3.8 w/ W3 0.93.

    When using the “disk-enhanced” mode Page caching, W3 creates a unique folder for every site in the network.

    For some reason, for one of my sites (SITE-A), W3 is creating BOTH a http://www.SITE-A.com folder and a SITE-A.com folder

    in the http://www.SITE-A.com folder, W3 IS NOT creating an .htaccess file!

    Obviously this breaks the site whenever someone tries to goto http://www.SITE-A.com and I have to manually create the .htaccess file.

    WHY would W3 be creating .htacces in SOME FOLDERS but not in others??

    Again, this is ONLY happening with Disk-Enhanced mode. But it’s strange.
    (i have manually created the needed .htaccess files, so the site is working in the meantime, but it could easily break if W3 updates itself or something…)


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