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    I have discovered that v.1.9.0 of plugin contains the following change:

    Enhancement – Improve checkout validation & order creation

    Unfortunately it is very bad change, because previously when user not filled some fields we get nice theme-styled messages about fields which requires user attention (it works this way in v.1.8.1).

    Now the plugin just displays totally useless non-styled message “Required form fields are not filled or invalid” which is in my opinion a massive UX issue, as user do not know which fields should be fixed directly – user must scan the whole form to find invalid fields.

    There is a chance to restore “old” style of validation, or allow both methods of validation? I think that it would be very good improvement for the plugin.

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    In v.1.8.1 it looks like below:

    In v.1.9.0 it looks like that:

    It is a big step backward in my opinion.

    Also – it is safe to still use v.1.8.1? The new validation model is to be honest unacceptable 🙁

    Plugin Support Femi


    Hello @dziudek

    The checkout billing detail validation is something we have been working on for some time now. Before our current version, the validation of the billing details was done at the moment of payment (when you are already in the PayPal popup). We have implemented a bit better situation where the validation is done at the moment when you press the PayPal button on the checkout page, but as you say, this is still missing some subtle identification of what exactly is missing.

    We already have a request open for this and will take care of this upgrade when we can. At this moment I cannot give you an estimated time for this to become available, but I linked this thread to the developer’s ticket, so you will get an update once it becomes available.

    Until then there will be no updates on this thread, so I will mark this as resolved.

    Kind regards,`

    Zu allem Unglück ist die Message auf einer deutschen Seite dann auf Englisch.
    Und eine eigene Language Datei konnte ich auch nicht sichten???
    Und ja, das ist ein echter UX Bruch.

    Plugin Support Inpsyde Niklas


    @dziudek The new basic validation has been highly requested but can be disabled with a filter if you prefer the old behavior:
    The WooCommerce validation still occurs after creating the PayPal order either way, but we recommend leaving the basic validation enabled if you provide alternative payment methods via PayPal.

    @minivip Regarding the plugin translations, these are managed by the WordPress community, not the developer. This means when new strings are released with an update, it may take some time before the community updated the translations.
    But the string Required form fields are not filled or invalid. could be translated or entirely modified, for example, with plugins like Loco Translate until then.
    Contributions to the translations can be made from here:

    Kind regards,

    @niklas Thanks for the hint, I took the german version, added the translation, generated an appropriate language file and uploaded it to the languages/plugins folder of my server.

    regarding the mentioning of translation management by the wordpress community – developer teams could be part of it. at least in an ideal world 😉

    thanks for the fast and helpful response

    Plugin Support Inpsyde Niklas


    Hi @dziudek,

    Presumably the next update will improve the messaging of the validation error to match the style of the regular WooCommerce validation:
    It’s still just a basic validation that checks whether or not the fields are populated, but that should make it more user-friendly.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi @niklasinpsyde,

    I forgot to answer, but trick with the filter from one of your previous posts helped me as I am using only one checkout button.

    The mentioned update still will work with that trick?

    Plugin Support Inpsyde Niklas


    Thanks for the feedback. The filter will remain in the plugin. This basic validation feature is meant as an optional way to improve the user checkout experience until we have found a way to restore the actual regular WooCommerce form field validation upon clicking the button.

    Kind regards,

    I saw now this discussion but I opened a ticket

    Because this new validation doesn’t use the Woocommerce native. So if you are using a plugin that adds checkout fields the validation doesn’t happen on pressing the Paypal button but after the payment. As the new validation happens on server side and doesn’t execute the AJAX request for the validation itself.

    At same time there is no way for a plugin to hook in that validation but in my case I need anyway the ajax request to the website as I dprocess various things externally.

    Basically with this implementation our plugin is broken and I guess also other doing similar things.

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    @mte90 – I am not sure if it is still true, because in v.1.9.3 it seems that custom fields are also validated – at least for me. The only issue can be with postal code – please look at @niklasinpsyde response here:

    In my tests on production websites and looking at the plugin code no.

    The browser side validation is only for native woocommerce fields the AJAX request used since woocommerce is there with this plugin is not used at all.
    So there is people expecting the fields validation from other plugins but they are ignored because they are not the native one and that validation is executed after paying that is not so much normal expected user experience.

    I mean, I want to be able to be sure that my data are fine before paying. In our case as example we validated the EU VAT and also generating invoices, but the customer want to be sure that is everything valid before paying or it is tricked to still continue the purchase with no way out.

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