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    Hi eldenroot,

    you can display the pressure in pascals if you switch to metric units in the admin dialog. This can be set on a per widget base.

    It is a good idea to add the UV index which is included in the accuweather XML feed. For the forecast this would be the max. UV index forecasted and for the current conditions it would be the current UV index. I add this to my todo-list at

    OK, when I switch to metric unit I get °F instead of °C … I am from Europe and I would like to have °C and Pascals (kilopascals).

    UV index +1 – really good feature for sites focused on weather 😉

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    When you switch to metric units you should get Celsius and millibar which is the same as hectopascal. You can see this at in the sidebar.

    wp-forecast takes the units which come from accuweather but if you want to change the label for the pressure unit this can easily be changed in line 327 of func_accu.php
    $weather_arr['pressure'] = $press . " " . $w["un_pres"];
    $weather_arr['pressure'] = $press . " hP";

    Hope I got you wright

    OK, anyway it would be nice have this option in setting 🙂

    and it should be hPa, not hP… or am I wrong?

    is possible to show it in kPa?

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    I added UV-Index to the v4.6 I released yesterday.

    As far as I know kPa is only used in car engineering not for the Weather. But you are wright with hPa.

    Do you know why accuweather uses mBar and not hPa for metric units in europe? I can not find anything about this.

    I have no idea… I just edited the code for weather plugin and now I have hPa…

    I think we have in Europe (at least in the Czech Republic) – °C, m/s and hPa… not mBar – I see this for first time in weather

    there is mbar for europe…

    and nice wind radar 🙂 something like this would be nice to have in wp-forecast…

    just 8 images with different direction which are changed by wind direction N, NW, E, … and speed of wind inside the circle

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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