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  • Hello,

    Could you help me with this issue. I have both cloud widget and a page displaying tag cloud on my site. Tag cloud is weighted, so tags which were entered once, let’s say are barely readible. I guess I can adjust it, so only tags mentioned 2,3 or more times would be displayed. That’s not the issue.
    The problem is: I would like to display in my widget only most popular tags, and on the dedicated page all of them.
    It’s really important. My site is dedicated to collecting memories and dreams of the Humankind and storing them in open access forever. The idea was that memories and dreams define us as human beings. So tags represents very approximate excerpts of our lives, and correlations between humans could be found through relevant tags.
    So displaying all tags in readible format on the devoted page (Quintessential) is critical. I don’t mind if they will be displayed there not weighted, just like a text.
    I just need to have them all and readable.
    Sorry for such a long explanation.

    The point is: how I can change the code so I have in my widget most popular tags, and on my devoted Quintessential page all?

    Any hints would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks for your consideration in advance.


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