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  • The official forum for Ultimate Tag Warrior is still down 🙁 so I’ll ask here if someone has a solution to this problem.

    When I first add a tag with language specific characters, for example:
    it is added normaly.

    The problem occurs when I go to edit a post. Instead of normaly displayed tag I get a square and not the c with caron.
    The weird thing is that the problem on the edit page occurs only in field:
    “Tags (comma separated list)”
    and not in
    “Add existing tag:”
    where all available tags are listed.

    So this has to be related with javascript encoding/decoding.

    Simmilar problem is related to encoding those chars in urls. Instead of “/tag/čas” permalink looks like this “/tag/%E4%9Das”.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • spencerp


    Will something over here help maybe? Also, being that I’m not familiar with this plugin, have you tried asking the plugin author about this? Good luck!




    Thanks for your help but no answer here.

    The problem is that the authors support forum was down…but now I see that is working again.

    For UTW users:

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