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    Symbols from outside the regular alphabet (A-Z) should just display a mystery man, there should be no strange shapes, since all the letters are stored as images, they are not automatically generated. Can you post a link to your website, so I could see it?

    Kind regards,
    Daniel Wroblewski

    And it would be great support to the Russian (cyrillic) alphabet.


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    All avatars are using the png images for each letter. Currently only A-Z are supported. Other letters should be showing mystery person png. Unfortunately, I do not know cyrillic alphabet, so I am not able to add this. However, if you look into my plugin folder, in the images folder you will find a PSD template for the avatar. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can edit this to prepare one avatar for each cyrillic letter. Then you can send them to me and I will include it in this plugin and my other avatar plugin (WP First Letter Avatar). I am not able to do this on my own.

    Russian PSD ready!

    oh wait, I will make persian alphabet PSDs today…

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    @collex: amazing, thank you 🙂 I will take a look and try to incorporate that into my plugins.

    I made png files from persian alphabet. here you can download the zip file:
    if you need something else such as fonts or whatever about persian, please tell me.

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    Thank you. I think my Windows has trouble with reading these filenames. I believe this is not how they are supposed to be named – ?

    Regarding your problem with my plugin showing strange shapes – can you give me a link to your website or a screenshot of these weird shapes? My plugin uses only png images, so the only thing it can display are the A-Z letters, it does not generate any shapes.

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    Hi guys,
    I have just released quite a big update, but I couldn’t add Persian support yet 🙁 Thanks to @collex the Cyrillic script is already implemented, but I’m having a lot of trouble with Persian script. I didn’t have any trouble with Cyrillic, my Windows displayed it correctly, but there seems to be a big problem with Persian 🙁 I would love to add that and I will definitely do that, as soon as I find some time to find a way to work with this files. They will have to be renamed anyway, since file names should only contain ASCII letters. For the Cyrillic script I have used a Unicode char number in a file name.

    The problem I’m having with Persian script is that filenames are not displayed correctly. This is what I’m getting –
    So there either is a problem with my system’s encoding or the encoding of this zip file you have sent me @aminima


    I’m really sorry for the delay. I’m too busy at work.
    the image you shared is the exactly how I see the avatars would appear when enabling the plugin instead of the mysterious man.
    the encoding of the zip file is utf-8 in my system. look at this:
    آ ب پ ت ….
    the font Tahoma which is installed in the most Windows versions by default is a utf-8 enabled font. mybe you should change your system font.
    But, a big but, if this happen on the server host, what should we do then?

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    But, a big but, if this happen on the server host, what should we do then?

    Good thinking, but it will not happen, because I will not use the Persian characters in filenames. Filenames should only contain ASCII letters to ensure maximum compatibility, so basically just the latin alphabet and numbers. Therefore I will have to rename all files you have sent me. I did the same with Russian – filenames cannot contain Russian characters, because certain systems (PHP to be specific) will have problems.

    I’ll try to open your zip on the other computer this week. Also, I will experiment a bit with fonts and maybe try googling something on this subject.

    Could you send me the list of Persian characters in alphabetical order? You can post it here. For latin alphabet it would look like this:


    If you could do the same for Persian, it would be very helpful – the same order that the files you have sent me are in.


    Do you want I rename all files to english letters? does the filenames should be 1 letter, or could be more? for example alef.png be.png jim.png …

    آ A
    ا A
    ب B
    پ P
    ت T
    ث S
    ج J
    چ CH
    ح H
    خ KH(x)
    د D
    ذ Z
    ر R
    ز Z
    ژ ZH
    س S
    ش SH
    ص S
    ض Z
    ط T
    ظ Z
    ع A/E
    غ Q
    ف F
    ق Q
    ک K
    گ G
    ل L
    م M
    ن N
    و O/v/w
    ه H
    ی Y/i/u

    but it’s not simple as that! you must know persian to understand these synonyms completely 😉

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    Actually, it would be great if you could rename the files. This would make it much easier for me to implement.

    Just to make sure – these are all letters that appear in Persian script? Also, are they lowercase? They should be lowercase.

    If these are all characters and they are lowercase, then it would be absolutely perfect for me if the files were named with their Unicode number. According to the converter I have written, these are the unicode numbers for each of the chars you have sent in your last post:

    آ => 1570
    ا => 1575
    ب => 1576
    پ => 1662
    ت => 1578
    ث => 1579
    ج => 1580
    چ => 1670
    ح => 1581
    خ => 1582
    د => 1583
    ذ => 1584
    ر => 1585
    ز => 1586
    ژ => 1688
    س => 1587
    ش => 1588
    ص => 1589
    ض => 1590
    ط => 1591
    ظ => 1592
    ع => 1593
    غ => 1594
    ف => 1601
    ق => 1602
    ک => 1705
    گ => 1711
    ل => 1604
    م => 1605
    ن => 1606
    و => 1608
    ه => 1607
    ی => 1740

    So, for example, آ.png should be named 1570.png. If you could do this, it would be totally perfect. Maybe just do the 512 folder, I can do the rest. But these chars need to be all lowercase (even if the avatar picture shows an uppercase png letter). All filenames should be lowercase and their Unicode number should also be for lowercase. So in case you have sent me uppercase, please send me the lowercase list and I will send you Unicode values for lowercase letters.

    Forgive my ignorance, but is Persian alphabet the same as Arabic? It all looks the same to my eyes, so it’s difficult for me to judge 🙁

    Thank you for your help.


    ok I will rename the files and send you back.
    Persian has 4 letters more than arabic, and a little differences in some letters.
    Imagine chinese and japanese! we cannot understand difference, but they are different actually 😉

    I think you can add “Arabic support” in your change log too, without any change in your coding.

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