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  • jamespoling


    I’m moving to a new host and trying to move my database using phpMyAdmin to export from the old DB and import to tne new DB.

    I’m having trouble with some quirky characters showing up. It seems it’s mostly happening on certain quotation marks.

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    I’ve done some searches here and it seems like some people have had the same issue but when upgrading. I’m moving from 2.2 to 2.2.

    I also can’t seem to find one total solution to stop this from happening. I’m wondering if SSH’ing the DB over would perhaps fix this, although I have no idea how to SSH so I’m not sure I could even do it.

    Is there one surefire fix for this issue?

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  • lelion


    Search the forums here… You’ll find a lot of threads which might help you:)

    Basically, it could be related to SET NAMES and COLLATION in the MySQL… Search well!

    Someone more experienced than me can help you more on that…



    does anyone know if SSH’ing the DB instead of using phpMyAdmin will result in the same issues?



    I dunno…

    Maybe different hosts run different versions of MySQL. Or maybe it’s related to the default connection to the database… I am not very good at that, sorry :-/

    SET NAMES, COLLATION can help, dig deeper…

    Would be nice if someone with a lot of experience of MySQL and how PHP scripts interact with it (concerning the encoding issue) would post something here.. 🙂



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