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  • Hi everybody.
    I was about to send an email to all my friends about this new blog I just put online :

    But when I looked with Explorer (PC) and Mozilla (Mac), there is a few display problems related to the changes I made with all my PHP pages under the «Themes» folder.

    The “theme” I am using was encoded in ANSI and withNotepad, I opened every files and saved as “UTF-8”.
    I need to to this because of some french caracters (éèàù).

    When you look the page in Mozilla Mac, you can noticed small “question marks” at the beginning of each php documents, loaded in Index.php.
    If you look under Explorer PC no question marks but empty spaces and in the source code, you will notice those “square caracters” at the beginning of the file.
    The best way to see the problems is : The grey header should be glued (hehe, I don’t know how to say it) to the browser interface, at the top. But instead, I have this white space just before it.

    All my pages have been saved in UTF-8 format under “wp-content/themes/…”

    Someone can help please, I need to get rid of those question marks (mac) and those empty spaces (PC) ?
    What does this mean ?

    Hope someone can help 🙂

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  • My guess is that since you are writing the code in (x)HTML, you will need to use the code the corresponds to the special characters you are using. For example:

    é = & #233;

    (i added a space after the & sign because the forum keeps translating the HTML!)

    I suspect that maybe by saving it in UTF-8 it is preserving a format that isn’t recognized in HTML. Try changing some of the ? marks to appropriate syntax in HTML and see what happens.

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