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  • Hi!
    Well, the title says it all, I guess:
    I’m looking for a free text editor for Windows XP. It should support syntax highlighting, project management, and auto compleation for HTML. Code folding would be nice. But most importantly, it should save files in UTF-8.
    Any ideas which one to take? 🙂

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  • If you’re insisting on the program being free, maybe jEdit? If you’re willing to pay for a program, then check out UltraEdit?

    NVU has had some revisions recently.. (I think)

    For some simple editing (with syntax highlighting and ansi -> unicode conversion) I use Notepad2. For the real work I use Quanta on Linux…

    @bendg: It’s a pitty Quanta isn’t available for Windows. It seems to be such a good editor…
    But I’ll have a look at Notepad2 right now. 🙂

    @podz: NVU doesn’t support unicode/utf. (I couldn’t find it at least…) Thanks though.

    @manzabar: Thanks for the tips, but I don’t really like jEdit for some reason. (I’ve had a look at it before.) I’ll probably use it now, though… 🙂

    It’s a while since I used it – I stick to Notepad++ – but it’s been revised again and has a ton of features.

    Tiger: it’s a pity Quanta isn’t included on Knoppix (a Linux distro that runs from CD, no install needed). I think it is possible to install Quanta on Linux through Cygwin, but it is not worth the hassle. Much simpler you’d set up a dual boot with Linux the normal way. Which I can really recommend, by the way 😉

    This is what I’ve been planning for over a year now.
    But I’m attending college in GB at the moment and I’m only at home for the vacations, so it wouldn’t be much use installing it right now anyway. (Especially since I intend to pay for a package because I want to have a support hotline I can call for the first few days.) But I’m definately going to install Linux some day next year. I hope… 😉

    Crimson Editor works nicely. It also has an FTP plugin so you can easily edit remote files.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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