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    Hi everyone,

    I just moved my wordpress from one host (remote db) to another (localhost).

    Since I moved, the special Danish characters are not showing properly (take a look:

    I’ve checked everything (I thought, but must have missed something):

    1. The mysql collation is set to utf8_danish_ci, and in phpadmin the characters are showing ok
    2. In options->reading encoding is set to utf-8
    3. The old host is showing the characters nicely
    4. I exported my db from mysql 3.23.55 and I can’t seem to change the collation in 3.23.55 before exporting
    4. My version of WP is in English – is that the problem? I guess it should be able to move without fucking up?

    As you can see I don’t really understand the different settings very well – I usually just try different stuff until it works – but this time I need a little help…!


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  • By the way: In the admin interace the characters are looking fine…

    Actually it doesn’t look fine in admin interface.

    I have now uploaded the danish language packet to see if that would solve my problem. It didn’t.

    Help anybody?

    Are you sure the old blog had encoding utf-8?
    Because if I visit your existing blog and the browser is looking at it with the encoding set in your options – it has all the wrong characters.
    However, if I enforce manually the Western encoding (iso-8859-15) it show your blog content correctly.

    Wow! I see that.

    So what do I do?

    I can still access the old db and make a new export and try to import it once again…

    However I can’t seem to change te encoding of the old db (mysql 3.23.55) to utf-8…

    It is not much about changing the DB’s encoding. The question is: what was the setting in your old blog at Options > Reading: encoding. If it was NOT utf-8, you cannot use utf-8 on the new blog either.

    The old one was utf-8 as well..

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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