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  • Just a warning:

    if you install a fresh WP, the table definitions (SQL) do provide UTF-8 as type, but they do not include UTF-8 as collation. If your server is default set to latin charsets, this can lead to UTF-8 tables and LATIN columns.

    Some SQL clients do get confused and could ruin your data.

    It would be very nice if the installer/upgrader of WP explicitely indicates fields being UTF-8 by adding

    COLLATE utf8_general_ci

    to their sql.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • That was done intentionally by the developers (i.e. leaving DB_COLLATE set to ”).

    The Trac ticket 3517 has the complete story.

    If you believe developers should change their thinking on that, I would recommend either starting a new ticket in trac (refer to ticket 3517), or join and post your thoughts to the wp-hackers email list.


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