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    I am having trouble setting posts to appear in the future. The website time appears to be set to UTC. Even though you can set a modifier to put the site at your local time, the timestamp for a post is still in UTC.

    I don’t want to have to be a math wiz to figure out what time it is and when I want my post to appear.

    How can I change it to show my local time in the timestamp field, and put the time in 12hr format?

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  • Under the Options->General tab, you can set your timezone, you’ll need to put in the difference between your timezone and GMT (UCT) time, ie: with Central Standard Time, which is -0600 from GMT, just put in -6 (it means you are 6 hours behind Greenwhich Meant Time)

    And then further down, in the default time format field, put this in it: g:i A and that would display the time like: 11:06 PM. I beleive the database stores time in GMT regardless, and simply converts the time from GMT into whatever time zone you are.

    This website: can help you find your timezones difference from GMT.

    Hope this helps,

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