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    I am trying the free version, in the reservation email the time of entry and the time of departure are incorrect.

    I think it’s about UTC instead of local time.

    Try to see the customer’s email template, but it is disabled.

    Some suggestion

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author e4jvikwp


    Vik Booking reads the Timezone for all the PHP functions related to dates and times from WordPress general settings.
    You should try to change the Timezone from that page and set it to your local time. This should resolve the issue unless some other plugins are interfering with the PHP timezone.



    Thanks for your prompt response,

    the problem of the hour is only presented in the reservation email, in the rest of the information is correct:

    Customer reservation email incorrect…

    Su reserva:

    Número de reserva: 5

    Número de confirmación: 1906854365

    Estado de la reserva: Completada

    Fecha de reserva: 19/06/2019 17:40
    Detalles personales:

    Nombre: victor
    Apellido: valladolid
    Código PIN: 23000

    Habitaciones reservadas: 1
    Doble 2 Adultos

    Fecha de entrada: 01/07/2019 20:00
    Fecha de salida: 02/07/2019 17:00

    reservation detail back-end it is right

    ID 5 Fecha de reserva 19/06/2019 12:40
    Nombre de cliente victor valladolid
    Habitaciones 1 Noches 1
    Entrada Lun, 01/07/2019 15:00 Salida Mar, 02/07/2019 12:00

    Plugin Author e4jvikwp


    Thanks for showing us an example. If all times are incorrect, then it means that something at application or server level is overriding the PHP default timezone.
    Vik Booking reads it from the WordPress General Settings and sets the current timezone for the whole execution of the plugin to what you have defined in the General Settings. However, any other plugin could be overriding the PHP default timezone, and this could lead to similar issues. Especially during the email sending functions, there could be third party plugins that interfere with the timezone.
    You should try to de-activate some of your third party plugins, especially because you said that the time is correctly displayed on other pages of the plugin except for the email.




    I understand your approach, but I discovered that if I forward the mail from the reservation, the hours are correct.

    I wonder what is happening, to try to find the solution and to be able to acquire the paid version.

    You understand that I can not continue with the project if incorrect information is sent to the guests.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author e4jvikwp


    I believe to have understood that if you manually confirm a reservation, or if you choose to re-send the email confirmation from the wp-admin section, then the time is displayed correctly in the email message.
    This highlights even more that a third party plugin is altering your server timezone used by PHP to format the dates and times.
    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do in Vik Booking to resolve this issue because it’s definitely caused by another of your plugins.
    We do understand the critical situation, but the problem is not related to our plugin, and even if you were using the paid version, the problem would still be there.
    By editing and debugging the PHP code it would be possible to detect when and how the timezone get changed during the execution process of the page. However, as I’m sure you will understand, we do not offer this kind of support through the WP forum.



    Thank you for your response and I understand your arguments, however I want to find the solution.

    I do not have any add-ons that interfere with the UTC schedule.

    I have found another detail of the situation,

    During the reservation process, I note that the guest information form (information for billing) shows the date of entry and date of departure with the incorrect schedule.

    Maybe this situation can give you a guide to find the detail of this information.

    I am a web developer and I am really interested in your products, I have not found anything like VIK BOOKING.

    In the situation that is not found what is happening, I want to know if acquiring the pro version, would help me find the solution?

    Greetings from Mexico,

    Thank you

    Plugin Author e4jvikwp



    I believe the best solution is to get in touch through our website. Even if you cannot open a support ticket yet, you can still use the contact form. Maybe we can review your website and ask you a temporary back-end login to understand who is overriding the PHP timezone. We can definitely help you understand where and how the issue takes place, but we would prefer if you could get in touch through our website.

    Just to close this topic, we can recommend to make sure the check-in time is set to a later, and not equal, time than the check-out (in case you wanted to allow arrivals on the same day as the departures). You can check this from the Configuration page in Vik Booking, and maybe test it with a private/incognito session of your browser to avoid the configuration settings to be cached in the PHP session.

    Please feel free to get in touch with our team through our website by mentioning this forum topic. Thank you.

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