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  • Hello,
    While proposing to improve the interface to UTC(GMT) time input I realized it would also make sense to extend the concept to each post, and user.
    Everytime I post something, I may be in a different time zone. However I like the idea of having a pre-set default time zone. Everytime somebody comments a post, or reads a blog, if they’re registered and have a default timezone in their profiles the time is correctly displayed for them too.
    Does this make sense ? I know, it’s excruciating detail for some, but I still think it’s much easier to manage time zone differences between post & comments authors, as well as anonymous readers.

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  • 1- you didn’t have to post a new thread for the same content.. please consider other’s ideas and please don’t spam. (it’s my 1ยข)
    2- expanding GMT everywhere is kinda useless… ok, for guys that spend 36h/day to play with their clock it may be funny to change time and post details all the time on their website, but i don’t think it’s the need of all and everyone…
    the detail why most of the websites systems use only one GMT setting is because you are on the internet… when you visit the website of someone, you are elsewhere, so keep in mind you are elsewhere, not in your living room… if you are in England and visit someone in India, you will have to change your clock, not him… so if you visit a website that is on the other side of the globe, just keep in mind that the post date is not supposed to be the same as your computer clock tick…
    other portal and CMS systems keep the “members” details to have a GMT selector when users interaction is big… like a forum … but it’s a load of code, and i don’t think it’s the most useful thing to have on a blog…
    a blog is for keeping News, Information, a personal journal in most of the times… so why play with the clock all the time ?!… do you change your watch time each day of the week ?!… usually you set it once and that’s all…

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I really think this is a different topic. If you don’t agree, it doesn’t mean it’s SPAM. And relax! I am not trying to convince anyone here. We can agree to disagree.
    Let me explain this differently. When my visitors read my posts, I want them to know at what time at their location I posted and maybe also at what time of *my*location I posted. They could do that if they had a time zone setting in their profile (which to the best of my knowledge, isn’t the case right now). Comments and posts time would be adjusted automatically. It’s very simple code. And yes, there are occasions when I post from different time zones.
    I have the strangest feeling that you actually agree with this when reading your post, despite the agressive tone. Feel free to email me via my website if you feel so strongly abouth this. Otherwise perhaps we can continue constructive comments here.

    Visitors have a profile? Since when?
    Something I’ve implemented on my site is a display of the current date and time at my location along with something near the post date adn time that says how long ago it was posted. This is very easy to implement as a hack. I personally like the new GMT, it eliminates the need to figure out the time of your server and then your offset from that. Now all you have to do is figure your offset from GMT, which is pretty easy if you ask me.

    I meant visitors as opposed to guests.

    _mf_: While your idea is intriguing and perhapse useful for you, it wouldn’t be for me (I’m not saying that your idea is bad, but perhapse it’s something left as a hack/add-on/plugin/mod/whatever_allusion_wants_to_call_it_this_week and only implemented by those that want it. The reason I don’t think it’s viable, 100% of my readers are just that readers. They read the site. They comment on my postings. To try to mange the TZ for each one would be too much. And where would the set it?

    > And where would they set it?
    Cookies / sessions, just like some sites manage language detection. A few years ago one would have argued 99% of the Internet was english. Geographic location and time zones differentiation canbe managed the same way. GeoURL info can be used in many ways, I’m hust saying this is one of the ways UTC (GMT) info can be used.
    You’re right, perhaps this is still too new/specific to be part of the main package, I think the time will come. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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