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  1. voodootech
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am setting up a site for a friend. We have 2.7 installed. I have selected the template pages I am using. When I update the text it and hit update and publish it doesn't change on the site. Any help is appreciated. Site name is trinitygens.com.

  2. TJ Kelly
    Posted 7 years ago #

    @voodootech, the WPremix templates are static PHP files with example text and images in them. Apparently, the author intended to release a plugin allowing users to edit that text via the wp-admin interface, but that never happened.

    Many people still find the WPremix theme very useful, but it does take a bit of HTML knowledge.

    What I recommend is creating WordPress-Page versions of each PHP template. Granted, people who purchased a theme shouldn't have to do this, but it seems the be the best option.

    1. Start by creating a WordPress Page that matches the name of one of the WPremix template files (ie, "tpl_home01").
    2. Open the corresponding WPremix template file, and copy the main theme content (usually located between <!--content #start --> and <!--content #end--> comment tags).
    3. Paste the code into a your WP Page (in HTML view).
    4. Replace the code you just copied from the PHP template with "the loop." It's always a good idea to make a back-up version of the template file before changing it. The simplest form of the loop looks like this:

    if (have_posts()):
      while (have_posts()):

    That ought to make the WPremix code editable in wp-admin. Keep in mind that many of the WPremix template files contain PHP tags, which will not work in your wp-admin editor. You will probably have to replace them or remove them entirely.

    Good luck, I hope my info was helpful!

  3. Fschoon
    Posted 7 years ago #


    Did you use the new WP-remix 2.0?
    I was thinkinga bout purchasing it.

    Thank you

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