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    I have a website and its multilingual using WPML , the issue is when I reserved an event in English, the total seats are just calculated in English , but in the translated language it remains the same.
    For example the event has 8 limited tickets , and the event is translated to second and third language. so when reserved a ticket , the remaining seats in English becomes 7 while on the other languages remain 8.
    please advice what can i do to overcome this issue.

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    Thanks for your comment. Let us debug the issue. Will reply back as soon as I have more information.
    If possible you can read the sticky comment for documentation and more settings of Eventin.

    Plugin Author Themewinter


    Hi, @decentra
    Thank you for patiently waiting, we found the issue and working on it with WPML.
    This week we will update Eventin to fix the issue as early as possible.

    Best Regards.

    Plugin Contributor Reza Khan


    Hi @decentra
    Thanks for your patience. The actual issue is, WPML generates a new post for each translation. For example, if you have a post in English and you generate 2 translation for this post, then WPML creates 2 new posts for that 2 specific translations. As Eventin manages event stock by event post id, so different stocks are being handled for different translated posts. I hope you’ve understand.

    We’ve communicated with WPML author but there’s no shortcut solution for this. We’ve to provide a permanent solution for this issue. It will require proper R&D and bugless implementation. It needs time. We’ll notify you once we provide a permanent solution. Please have patience till then.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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