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  1. grosbouff
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello, i'm planning to use WPG2 with Thickbox instead of Lightbox.
    Here's how i've done :

    -First I modified some stuff in WPG2 to launch Thickbox rather than Lightbox : http://techblog.touchbasic.com/html/how-to-get-the-wpg2-plugin-to-work-with-thickbox/

    -Then I installed Thickbox 3 plugin

    Here, the Thickbox is launching when I click a WPG2 image.

    The problem it's that it's not displaying as it should :
    I got something like this in the box instead of the picture :

    So I patched Thickbox as said here to allow php-generated images :

    var urlString = /\.jpg$|\.jpeg$|\.png$|\.gif$|\.bmp$|\.php$/;
    var urlType = baseURL.toLowerCase().match(urlString);
    if(urlType == '.jpg' || urlType == '.jpeg' || urlType == '.png' ||
       urlType == '.gif' || urlType == '.bmp' || urlType == '.php'){
       //code to show images

    But the problem remains, and I don't know why.

    The URL of a typical image is, there is .php in that url so the matching should be OK.
    So what's the deal ?

    Thanks !

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