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  • I’m trying to combine a second database (a catalog) with wordpress. I want the text box for customers to make recommendations to behave the same way the wordpress “post” and “comment” boxes do – adding paragraph breaks, recognizing paired asterisks as a “bold” command, and suchlike. The recommendations wouldn’t go into the wordpress database (they have to be associated with the product number in the catalog database). What files/includes do I have to call to my “recommendations” processing page in order for the text to be processed (pre-storing in the database) like the wp posts are?

    Or is this even possible?

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  • Hello, is there anybody here who knows if this is possible?

    Have you tried the wp-hackers mailing list?

    Hmm, no… where would I find it? The “hacking wordpress” documentation says to ask here, so I did. Doesn’t mean it’s right, just means that I thought this was the place to go… – should be able to select to sign up to whichever ones you need there.

    I should add, I’m not a programmer by trade… I’ve puzzled out a lot, and self-taught myself php & mysql, but I’m not really fluent. I tried to follow the bread crumbs through the wp files (as in, “submit post” calls this page, which calls these pages, which calls those functions, which…), but got lost.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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