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  • I was looking into ways to use WordPress as a membership directory. Found a few different solutions but I’m not feeling comfortable with out membership directory data being scattered between different tables, and my inexperience of being able to properly manipulate that data outside of WordPress. So I just had a thought to possibly maintain our membership directory in a totally separate one-table mySQL database just like we always have. The big question is this….

    Is there a way to make it so that any registered WordPress user could (somehow) could be authorized to edit just their corresponding data in an external non-WP database?

    Like is there a way to have the user log in on this totally non-WP page (but on the same server) and based on their being logged in, be able to edit only just one row of data that corresponds to them. So like if they are wordpress user #32 (ID 32 in the wp_users table) then they would be allowed to edit info in a non-WP database that corresponds with them (either a different ID number completely or I could purposely make a new field just to correspond with their user#). I’m not really sure how that would work but it would be nice to keep our membership directory completely independent from WordPress, yet allow members to update their own info through their WordPress logins. Any ideas?

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  • To try to simplify this, I don’t necessarily need the code of how to connect to or modify my non-WP database. I just want to know if something like this is physically possible, and maybe just how to do the ‘passing on WordPress login to another function’ part.

    (It’s sort of like using Facebook Connect to allow you to add content to a non-FB website.)

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