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  • Hi. I was requested by a computer graphic teacher. He wants to create a website for his classes. There’s some features he requested that I would like to know if WP can do it. The most important is #4.

    1 – He wants his students to register
    2 – post public lectures for all to read
    3 – create private lectures which only students participating the class can access

    4 – An upload system for students to upload their homework assignments. For each classes, he wants the uploaded files to go into different directories. Which, ideally, he should be able to control the destination himself.

    #4 is this possible? Any suggestion?

    #2 I imagine this should be simple with WP’s pages?

    #3 Does WP has user group permission system? If possible, some students may belong to multiple group, gaining access to multiple pages.

    Thank you 🙂

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  • yes, its possible. WP has user group permission system, you need a plugin to use this easily.

    for upload system, i dont any idea about this. maybe a plugin could do this

    What you’re talking about is a pretty big project, just because it encompasses a number of different functionality pieces. It’s definitely possible though.

    To manage permissions (some posts are visible, some arent), you might look into this plugin:

    As for the upload system – I’m not sure. Letting people upload files to a server is pretty risky from a security standpoint, and I’m not sure there are many use cases that are similar to what you’re after – so I don’t think there will be a plugin that fits the bill. It’s probably the sort of thing that will have to be programmed specifically for this, and it needs to be done with security in mind. Is there any chance you/he could use email instead? That would probably be an easier route, at least to get started.

    Thanks. So that took care of 1-3 🙂

    If anyone know of an upload plug in that could do something similar to this please let me know.

    Thanks Peter. That sounds more complicating, I don’t mind adjusting the idea around to have a simpler solution by the way. ^-^

    So I think, for the upload, if directory is too complicating, maybe categorizing them would be enough. So teachers can easily browse through files that belong to them. Maybe a drop down for students to choose what category their files belong to.

    Security, I think limiting the file extension allowed for uploading might help? Most files will be 3D scene (.ma, .mb) and images (jpg, png). Probably some movie files (avi, mov, mp4)

    I’ll have to talk to my teacher friend about the Email idea.

    Limiting file type is definitely a good start. Special attention should be paid to where the uploads are stored, what permission level they’re given, and whether or not they’re accessible from the web.

    There is the download monitor plugin that will allow uploads to specific categories, this will be a good backend for the file uploads.

    Here is another Download Plugin neither have a frontend upload widget which you will need.

    This is great as teachers can then add member only downloads into posts, like support presentation, pdf, images etc: for a project.

    The problem with students is really security, you would not want students to be able to see other students work, so you may have to spend some $$ for a new widget, first talk to the plugin authors to see if it is something they would do for a fee.

    Or you could posts a project for someone to write a frontend sidebar widget for one of the plugins, where logged on users can only upload to a dropdown category list, but not view downloads.

    Students work for security really needs to be saved offline, so another solution is to think about a contact form, some of these will allow file attachments to be added, these will come as emails with attachments though, when designing the form you could add a dropdown to choose a category, and setup a rule on the inbox to redirect to the teacher based on chosen category.



    Thanks David. I will look into those plugin.

    Allow student’s to see each other’s files won’t be too bad tho. As long as I can limit the access to only that group 🙂 For an art class they actually encourage students to give and take feed back from each other.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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