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  • Hi there,

    I love WordPress. I’ve used it for 3 of my sites and it is amazing.

    I’m making a site now that will have not only an active blog, but a lot of how-to articles. I’m wondering how one would tweak WP to do this well?

    I want to first organize all the articles into categories, and then subcategories. Also, is there a plugin that will handle the articles well, or will I have to add that manually?

    One last question. Whenever I add a “page,” it always adds the “page” to my sidebar and such. Is there a way to make it so that the page will just stay “hidden” unless I link to it? I’m going to have 100 articles to begin with, so I can’t have the clutter there.

    I appreciate the help. I really need to get started! Thanks.

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  • There is a plugin that will hide any page from the menu. When you create the page, you’ll notice a checkbox that says Hide this from user menu(s) .. check it and no more worries. Change your mind? Uncheck it and voila, it appears on the menu!

    I’m worried because it appears from your statement above that you plan to make WP Pages out of those articles. They are best as posts, put into an appropriate category and further organized by tags if you like. They should NOT ever be Pages.

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