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  • I have a separate links page and want to use WP’s Admin Control Panel for managing it. My links page was working up until now and I cannot figure out why.
    I have 4 common files that I share throughout the individual “sections” of my site (with the exception of the weblog section) so the beginning of each page looks something like this:

    And at the bottom which has the same thing except footer.php and document_foot.php, respectively.
    … with the exception of the links page which I’ve “required” wp-blog-header.php so I can use the <?php wp_get_links(‘#’); ?> function to display links for the various link categories. require(‘../weblog/wp-blog-header.php’); is also placed above the include for document_head.php.
    I’m not entirely sure what happened. The only thing I’ve done recently is edit wp-comments.php and wp-comments-post.php and ‘activated” a captcha plugin, but I disabled/commented out all changes yet it still does not work — I’m stumped.
    Any idea what might be interfering?

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  • I never got my links (similary idea) to work by including wp-blog-header.php, so I instead included /wp-includes/wp-l10n.php, the file that actually has the links function in it.

    I am still curious as to what I did to make the previous way stop working. I guess your way is a little “better” on the server — doesn’t have to process through the entire WP structure or whatever…
    Thanks for the help and Happy Holidays.

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