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  • I’ve tried a number of BLOGs to accomplish my goal of an easily updated website and integrated web log and was intrigued by WordPress and it’s customizability. I’ve been playing around with PHP and WP’s design fit right in with what I’ve been trying to do.
    CSS is something that I haven’t played around with much so I had to rely on the experts who created all the wonderful templates for WP. I liked the 3 column Vesuvius most of all and integrated that into my creation (though later I will hack that up as well).
    I use categories and the “customizable-post-listings� plugin by Scott Reilly to define my pages, and allow constant easy updates, though I only use links to allow people to view the site’s pages and have removed the category links altogether. I do have archives in case anyone wants to go back in time �.
    I’ve re arranged some of the left column to suit my taste, but have not played with CSS colors more than to define my “Angels Scoreboard� include on the right and to add a #picturebox for, well, pictures and as they have their own categories can place them anywhere I like.
    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on WordPress, it’s plugins and this Support Forum for all the dedication to this platform. I’ve learned a lot in a short time.
    See my site: (all personal stuff no one cares about but the design element might be of interest). The coolest part, is I can update from almost anywhere at almost any time, easily.

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  • Hey glad you were able to find what you needed here in the WordPress community.
    One thing, you might want to check your site in other browsers (e.g. not internet explorer) there is a lot of overlapping in your divs, it makes your site almost unreadable in FireFox .10.

    I will do that ASAP Jesuit, thanks. Most of the people who actually will browse my site use IE, cause that’s all they know about. But you’re quite right. I forgot the most basic web developers rule. Test in more than one browser!

    Fixed the overlapping divs in FireFox. Was a CSS attribute for height not set. IE assumes auto setting for height (and most everything else) and FireFox (Netscape) does not. Set attrib to Auto fixed problem.
    Thanks again Jesuit.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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