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  • I was wonderin if anyone had some examples (or themes even better) of stores made with WP. I am not lookin for anything real flashy just lookin for ideas.

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  • Well, WordPress’ purpose it meant for blogging and content as such. I haven’t seen anything related to a store before nor do I plan on ever seeing something like that. You’re better off using a separate CMS for that kind of need.

    Or cubecart….

    There have been 2 stores I recall being posted here for review, both built with WP – and I’ve tried to find them and I can’t. So i guess that demonstrates it is possible, but it’s rare.

    Ok… well I found one and it pretty much sucked. Was really just curious more than anything.

    @Vkaryl- Thanks for the Cubecart tip, it is the most promising option i’ve seen yet in that price range;)

    Yeah, it’s pretty nice, close to compliant/validating, and if you don’t mind leaving their name at the bottom, it’s free. But $60 US is still pretty damn cheap – and it’s QUITE full-featured far as I can tell. I’m not using it myself but a good friend is. She’s pretty happy with it….

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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