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    Please help!

    I am so very new to this and technically challenged so need some step by step help!


    1. I have purchased a domain name and hosting package with
    2. I have installed wordpress onto my 123reg package – using the one click button under the default directory
    3. I have a account but realised now that I should have used as I want to use plugins, etc.
    4. The site is not “live” per say it only holds draft posts but I would still like to keep them.

    Please can someone give me some instructions to move forward in very basic english terms?

    Appreciate any and all help!


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  • What version of wordpress you have installed using one click frmo 123Reg? Hosting most often use most stable version of wordpress.

    Please brief your requirements in terms of wordpress usage so that you can get exact advises.

    Hi thanks for replying

    I have used Version V3.5.2 which is listed in my control panel under the heading CGI Scripts

    I would like to be able to use wordpress for a food blog, which will consist of recipes, photos etc. Ideally I would use a plugin to add those recipes to allow readers and followers ease of printing etc.



    Current version of wordpress is 3.6.1. If you can see option to upgrade inside your admin panel, please upgrade your wordpress to the latest version.

    WordPress is ideal for blogging purposes and is being widely used all around the world.

    Follow this link for plugins:

    You may search for plugins here of all types. You also need to select a proper theme for your blog to give a better look and feel. You may get free themes online by searching them on google.wo


    Ok thanks I will have a look for that upgrade option.

    Do I need to change the name servers or alter any files once its installed to ensure that it points to my domain?


    hi michellesley,

    As you said you have purchased domain and hosting from 123Reg then you dont need to change name servers.

    By pointing to your domain if you can see wordpress installed, you don’t need to change or alter any files.



    I cannot see any options for upgrading wordpress to the later version on reg123.

    This may sound like a very stupid question but how do I login to my page to modify it with themes etc? I was able to do that quite easily on

    What is your domain where you have installed wordpress?

    You can login to your wordpress admin panel like this:


    (replace yourdomain-name with whatever your domain name is)

    Then supply username and password that you set during wordpress installation.


    The domain is

    This could be part of the problem, when I installed wordpress it just brought up another screen and did not ask for any username and password. Has it possibly not installed correctly.

    If I go to I get directed to my dashboard

    I can see asking for username and password by going to

    If you can see dashboard it means you are already logged into your site’s admin panel. Try to add some post and then check your home page. If the same is reflected there you are okie with installations and everything….and remember one thing…every success starts with a decision to try.. so please try and dont hesitate.


    Hi thanks

    I’ve logged out of everything to start a fresh browser. Now when I go to I get an “page cant be found’ error ( but the site looks like my site) but when I go to I am back to my site –

    how can I disconnect the site?

    thanks for all the help….I am slowly getting there!



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    When did you transfer your domain name from your site to your self-hosted site?

    Try not

    Disconnect from You have installed wordpress at your hosting/domain. You dont need to worry about anything else. You are already disconnected from that site if you have signed out of it.

    Just login to

    And then you can see your dashboard and everything.


    Thanks – I’m not sure if I am explaining myself correctly. I did as asked above and get the login but once that is done I am still taken to my dashboard that I was previously using with in the address.

    This dashboard does not give me a menu for adding a plugin.

    I have to say I have read alot of information on moving from .com to .org for wordpress and its baffling to me….so I think I may be way out of my depth.



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    When did you transfer your domain name from your site to your self-hosted site?

    Answer my questions please:

    1. Can you see login page with

    2. After submitting to login form what URL (address you can see in address bar of your browser) you can see ?


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