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  1. webbliss
    Posted 5 years ago #

    New to wordpress and have tried reading all the instructions on how to install, set-up networks, domain mapping but I'm confused in relation to using it with magento.

    What I am looking for is.....using wordpress as the blogging section on several magento stores, on different domains. I'd like to have one wordpress panel to write my blogs from but have them post to the different domains/sites.

    Extra info that may help....I have one magento installation installed in my root directory, with my stores held in separate folders under root directory utilising symlinks to access appropriate files from root directory. Also each domain is held on its own virtual host on my server.

    Is it possible to do what I wish using wordpress and do I set up networks, use domain mapping and where would be the best place to install my wordpress files, in the root directory or under a folder within the root directory. I'm a little lost with all the instructions provided.

    Please help me sort through the info. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I'd like to have one wordpress panel to write my blogs from but have them post to the different domains/sites.

    multisite does not work like that anyway. you still need to post from each domain - unless you use a desktop client to post with that lets you pick from multiple sites.

    in your situation, making separate installs of wordpress under each domain would be best.

  3. webbliss
    Posted 5 years ago #

    What is the purpose of multisite and/or domain mapping, setting up networks if you cannot use different blogs for different websites and set wordpress up this way?

    I have spoken with other developers and they have said it is possible to do what I am looking for but they want to charge 800GBP to do it. I know I can do it myself if I know what system to use - multisite, domain mapping, networking??????

    Has anybody done this before?

  4. Because multisite is what wordpress.COM uses to host multiple blogs for people. That's what multisite does. The blog is the primary site, not an add-on to sites running other programs.

    Yes, it could be done, and no the quote you received to do so is not unreasonable for the work involved.

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