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  • I am currently trying to build my first website and I’m using hostgator. My domain name/url is I log into the C-Panel on host gator and went on to install WordPress and it says it was sucessfull. I watched an you tube video and he said wait 15mins and then type in your URL and it would be installed. One hr later still nothing! Please help!!! Thank you!

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  • Howdy,

    I do believe that the YT vid was a little bit hasty in how fast the domain name would be propagated 🙂 Within your HG cPanel, you should find a temporary URL that you can use until such time as your own becomes fully available (can sometimes take up to 48 hours!)

    Question: did you get your domain from HG or did you register it with some other place (such as Go Daddy)? I always purchase my domains at Go Daddy as they arguably have the best prices; I then just update my DNS record at GD to reflect the HG name servers; this process takes about 1 to 2 hours for a [dot] com URL; longer for [dot] org or [dot] net (even longer for [dot] ca ! 🙂


    It shouldn’t take that long and perhaps you can ask your hosting provider for support? And yes I still don’t see your WordPress though

    Yes I did register my domain name with go daddy. I check the morning and now I can’t even get my website to load…

    By the look of what I see when I go to your URL, either you have not yet set the Domain Name Servers at Go Daddy to your HostGator Domain Name Server values, or you have, and they haven’t propagated yet.

    1) Log in to your HG cPanel and scroll to the bottom of the page; in the left side bar, you will see in the Account Information, two values for Name Servers, in the form of; these two values are what you will need to enter over at GD

    2) Log in to your GD account, scroll to the bottom of the page and under Account Manager, click My Account

    3) When My Domains is displayed, click on the domain in question

    4) When the Domain Details page is displayed, at the lower left, notice the Nameservers area; click on the Set Nameservers link

    5) Click the last of the 4 option radio buttons: “I have specific nameservers for my domains.”

    6) Copy and Paste the Name Server values from HG into the respective Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 boxes then click OK

    7) Wait from 1 to 2 hours and the DNS will have propagated and you will be on your way 🙂




    I can reach your domain fine…it has a GoDaddy landing page because you need to login to your GoDaddy account under Domains and change your “nameservers” to point to Hostgator. You can get the nameserver info from Hostgater.

    Hope this helps you


    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    It looks like you were able to get the help you needed to get your domain set up! Good luck with your blog.

    I was wondering if someone would be able to help me out with a technical difficulty I am having. I’ve been having some difficulties with logging into wordpress now that I am hosting with hostgator.
    So far, I have installed wordpress on hostgator. I also managed to get my nameservers at hostgator to point to my domain name “” (I got my domain from GoDaddy). This is the point where I am currently stuck. When I try to access my WordPress Dashboard by typing the URL “ ” I get the WordPress login screen which is great. I have signed up for an account with and I can log into directly through their website….however, when I try the same login and password at “ ” it says no username exists. Do you happen to know why I am stuck and what I have to do next?

    Thank you so much for your help

    Howdy Karen,

    Your account at has absolutely nothing at all to do with your own WordPress site that you have hosted at Hostgator! 🙂

    You log into your WP site using the user name and password that YOU ENTERED when you set up the WP site 🙂 You DID write those down somewhere, didn’t you? 🙂


    Hi Lyle! Thank you so much for the clarification. I really appreciate your response and I managed to log into my account (woohoo!).

    Newbie here !

    I followed very much the same path as above. Bought domain at GD (, logged into HG and did the Quick Installation. I got my username/password.

    When I hit the domain, I see the nice landing page that GD ‘Quick Page’ setup did, got a nice little ‘Contact’ and ‘Home’ Menu.. but I was expecting to see the WordPress Blog.

    I specified /’blog’ in my WordPress as shown here

    I know it’s something stupid..

    Thanks for any help…

    … and if you go to you will see a nice, new WP installation exactly where you told it to put it! 🙂

    Your homework is to now search this forum on how to “move it up one level” or “move site to the root directory” 🙂

    @2ninerniner2… I swear that wasn’t there when I asked !! really-truly!

    I had gone through and added my HG nameservers after this cry for help (Thank you BTW).. maybe it needed time to propagate?

    I love homework.. well… this one sounds fun.. not like the one in school 🙂

    🙂 that is probably what it was … hadn’t propagated yet.

    If this is the first site in your HG account (that is, the one that is associated with the account), then it just a matter of moving the complete contents of the /blog folder “up one level” to the root of the hosting account.

    NOTE:!!! COPY the files first!!! Then, when you have tested the site to make sure it works there, THEN you can delete the ones in the original (/blog) location 🙂

    It’s been a while since I moved a WP site like that, but that should be it; nothing to adjust regarding the database. The only thing I can think of in addition, is to immediately login to the admin area and RESAVE the Permalinks settings. That should do it. Also, check to make sure that the URL is now correct (without the /blog) in the Settings: Site area.

    Please excuse the newbie question.
    Facts: My web designer bought a wordpress theme for me.
    She designed it on her computer.
    Hostgator is my host, with both names, as well as pointing to the site.
    I have access to the wordpress dashboard.
    I believe that I can sign in as the admin.
    – Do I need to load actual theme that I’m using onto my computer?
    – I can’t find, or I don’t know what it looks like, ADMIN page so that I can EDIT the right side toolbar and widgets.
    – Do I have full control over the design elements of my site?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP. I’m reading and watching all about WordPress but a few shortcuts would be nice.



    Forum Moderator

    Do I need to load actual theme that I’m using onto my computer?

    No. You can carry out all of your work online. If you really want to start customising the theme on your own computer before uploading it to the live site, then you will need to install WordPress locally

    I can’t find, or I don’t know what it looks like

    Try looking in the Appearance sub-menu. The Editor option will allow you to edit the theme’s files on the live site but do be careful as it is all too easy to make a simple mistake ans bring your whole site down.

    co I have full control over the design elements of my site?

    If you have full Admin access, then yes.

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