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  • I’m building an intranet with WP and I’m struggling to find a way to implement this:

    We want users to upload documents to the intranet and let anyone subscribe to any document, to get notified when a new version is uploaded.

    I had it figured out:

    • Each document goes in a post.
    • The actual file attachment goes in a comment.
    • When there is a new version of the document, the user attaches it to a new comment, not a new post.
    • We can use a subscribe to comments plugin or the comments RSS to send update notifications to users.

    Only one thing needed here that WP doesn’t have: the ability to attach a file to a comment. There was a plugin for that: Easy Comment Uploads.

    I had the whole thing built (not being used, fortunately). And then the plugin gets taken out of because of a security hole.

    I haven’t been able to think a good alternative to this setup.

    We could ask users to upload the updated file to Media, copy the link and paste the link in a new comment. Two different forms (media and comment) instead of one. High chances of mistake. We are talking about very NOT computer-savvy users.

    We could create a tag or custom field with a code for each document, and each updated version would be a new post with the attachment and tagged with that code, then use the tag’s RSS for notifications. Again, high chances of mistakes.

    Finally, we could actually tell the users to not upload documents and send them insted to the admin (that’s me) to take care of them. I almost prefer that.

    I’m out of ideas. Have you ever done anything similar to this?

    Thank you.

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