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  • Hi, was looking for some advice here. I used to use Livejournal for my own personal journal but after using wordpress on a business site for a few months I’ve come to love the software and how the blog set up is with this. Has anyone ever simply used wordpress on their pc for a personal journal – is there any downfalls I’m not thinking of in advance? Reason I was thinking this is because my personal journal can be somewhat vulgar since I can be a sort of “out there” person, and since I want a personal journal I simply type what I think and it may not be appropriate to have it posted on the web in case of people finding it and becoming easily offended. Because of that concern, I’m not sure getting my own webhosting for wordpress would be a smart investment. I already have a test set up with Wamp from when I was playing with blog designs, but any flaws in permanently using it strictly on my pc or would anyone have any better ideas for me in this situation? I’d really appreciate the input- thanks much!

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  • Im sure thousands of people host their blog from their own pc.. its more like do you want to pay somdeone else to host it or are you capable of hosting it yourself? That is something for you to decide.

    @ej, you should read more carefully 🙂
    It isn’t about hosting – on the contrary: NOT being hosted and/or published. It is about using WP as a diary in the 19th century: locked into the drawer 🙂

    @drklashes, I think, unless somebody cracks your computer… you should be safe.

    @moshu, this is true.. i did not understand the context it was being asked in. it is not that I did not read it carefully, it is more along the lines of like I said, I did not understand.

    I thought I did… but you never know 🙂

    Actually, might be me to blame- sometimes I have a tendancy to ramble in getting to my point, so I could see how I could lose someone. 🙂

    But yeah, moshu, that was exactly along the lines I was aiming for. Just pretty much wanted to make sure there wasn’t certain features I’d lose, pretty much, that I wasn’t thinking about right offhand. Thanks much for the input!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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