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  • I run a WordPress site and like just about all of them, it’s blog-centric, as it is supposed to be. But, I’m also thinking about creating a new music site for my son and after thinking about it, I’m wondering if I could use the familiar WordPress as a base for the site. So, if I could think aloud here, perhaps I can get opinions from other users here as to if I can do this?

    The components of a band site are generally:

    a blog
    a music player, with song list
    a gallery
    a tour date list
    a mailing list function
    a guestbook
    a contact page
    a store (which I can outsource)
    …other misc pages

    Of course, the pages needs to be rock-style, splashier than a typical blog. The actual blog portion of the site would be on the front page, but it would be a much, much smaller portion of the page than a typical blog.

    At first, this didn’t seem like WP would be good for this, but then I thought about the flexibility of themes, and the variety of plugins available. I’ve seen music players and gallery plugins for example.

    I’m not a great web site builder as I’m pretty rusty after several years off. I’m not looking forward to relearning everything and creating all the structural and highly technical components of a web site. But, I’m very capable of creating a theme, the CSS, and integrating the plugins.

    So, can I get opinions and advice from anyone? Doable?

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  • I have not yet put together a website for my band, however this is very doable with WordPress. It just depends on how much time you want to spend on it I guess. First off, you should decide how you want to keep track of gigs/concerts. A simple option would be to just have a page for tour dates that you would updated. Otherwise, check out this post entitled blog to the future for some tips on how to to get more in depth.

    At a glance, it seems that a CMS would be more suitable ’cause it will already have all/most of the features built-in already.

    What’s an easy, stable CMS? Doesn’t have to be free.

    drupal, textpattern are two obvious ones, there are more and more coming out. you can try symphony i think it is which will cost you a bit. e107 but beware of exporting, cuz it SUCKS – importing, it will import from pretty much anything

    check out cmsmatrix or for a list and comparison

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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