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  • Cool site! I like seeing WordPress used with different flexibility styles. I like it!

    Yeah, that’s really nice. What themes/styles are you using?

    (- Steve -)

    I had a hard time reading for any length of time. Guess it’s the small red print against the black.

    I am not using any styles actually. I changed the .css completely and re-coded almost all of the html within wordpress. Thanks for the advice. Wonder if white on black would be any better?

    Larger type would be better, no matter which you choose.

    Also, you might want to check out this page on viewing pages in different situations for resources on “testing” your site. Especially in the section that talks about colors on a site. Might help you decide which way to go. It’s pretty dramatic.

    Also, since you seem to talk about “accessibility” issues, make sure your site is totally accessible, hint hint. giggle!

    Thanks Lorelle, though your site may have a lot of information, I would have to argue how accessible it really is… the reader may not be interested in the look…?

    no offense.

    I find the red on black very hard to read… props for a great design, you’re way ahead of me there.

    urf. I can somewhat read the red ‘titles’ at the top of the screen, the rest is very close to impossible to see.

    not any more.

    Cool site design – it all goes well together.

    are those author images within each post?? are you putting those in maually with each post or are you using some kind of plugin/hack for that, as I have been looking for something like that?


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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