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  • Hello!
    I’m presently creating an archive for various web-published fiction but do not know enough php to make the site I have in mind, so I decide to download wordpress. What I’d like to know is: is it possible to upload/post the stories as separate wordpress/blog posts (filed under specific categories) without having people see them on the main page itself (which would only be filled with day-by-day updates)? That is, story titles could still be found on the main page, but linked to only in the categories section (using the default templates/layout). So the entire shebang wouldn’t really look like a blog, more like some sort of web magazine? Do I need multiple users/blogs for this? Utilize specific templates?
    Thanks very much!

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  • There is a way to exclude a single category.
    Somehwere before the incvlude to wp-blog-header.php, add this:

    if (!isset($cat)) {
    $cat = '-XX';

    Where XX is the category number you do not want to show.

    Thanks very much! Will try tweaking the code now ^_^

    Just a question: Do I put this code if ( (! $_GET) && ( ! $_POST) ) { $cat = 1; } within the <head> or within the <body> tags?

    I’ve got some specifically created fanfiction software if you’d like to use it.
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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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