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  • After searching the forums, I am still uncertain if wordpress blog software can be used on Mac. Can it?

    If so, what are the considerations? I see that using IE on a Mac is problematic when visitors come to a wordpress site (and lots of other web sites). I use several browsers; firefox is generally the most dependable.

    As a Mac user, what do I need to know before setting up my blog?


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  • Do you mean using your Mac the server? or just viewing it from/with Mac?
    For install check out this:
    I has a special sub-section for local install on Mac.

    Someone else might be able to give a fuller answer, but basically: WordPress isn’t dependent upon your personal computer’s OS. Since it runs on your server, it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Linux, Mac OS or whatever.

    From personal experience: I update my blog from home (Windows) and work (OSX). No difference at all; the only minor wrinkles involve different browsers and versions of browsers, but nothing that impedes you from doing what you want.

    It works fine on a mac, although I only use safari to view/work on my blog. The problems that you see only come from IE being an old, never-updated browser.

    Thanks, you answered my questions, including some I didn’t know I had. (Popstat, you were right on the money with your answer. Great blog).

    I’m considering joining you, which will require moving two blogs that I have just started somewhere else.

    You might want to take a look at
    if you are importing from another blogging app.

    You can also use a program called ecto for Mac OSX to create your posts for your WordPress site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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