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  • Nice work.

    🙂 thanks!

    Looks great. How did you do that? Used categories?

    yeah, can you tell a bit more about it? not asking for your theme, just the theory to get it working like that… the thumb goes before the more tag? stuff like that..

    Very nice, indeed.
    I was looking into this a while. I was thinking that you could have a query that lists (theoretically) all Posts with category “Portfolio” (for instance). But I was sort of stuck as to how you could have an official “icon/logo/image” (maybe a variable??) that represents the entry and then a summary text that would lead to the whole post. Or maybe a Pages would be easier.
    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to steer off course.
    Also, I wantedt to compliment your body of work. Excellent portfolio.

    Im using wordpress for these as well:

    sodypop, will you ever tell us how you did this? 🙂

    Nice site!

    Hmmm I can figure most of this out – only part I’m not sure about is the thumbnails…

    Are thumbnails inserted before the more tag as suggested above, or is he perhaps using that plugin that lets you add an image to the custom meta field of a post (… and then all of these custom fields displayed on the overview pages?

    Either way I’m guess the thumbnail is manually created and added…. hmmm

    how would you display an image from a meta field? what would be the syntax to call it?

    There’s some code to do this at 😀

    sodypop … nice design.

    ever thought of releasing this to the public?

    i am sure a LOT of people would find it helpful.


    sodypop, wow thats a nice setup. Please give us the details on how you did this.

    I’m thinking he’s not wanting to give TOO much away… some pointers would be nice though… otherwise I’m gonna try recreating something like this myself…

    There’s more than one way it could be done. Does it matter which way he used? Myself, I could probably just use the post ID, or some other post specific value and upload the thumbnail under that name. I could easily link the loop by post ID.

    Or I might write some php that will read the post, find the first image, generate a thumbnail, cache it, and display it. If it doesn’t find an image, I’d have it not display the item at all.

    I’m sure I could think of other ways too. It’s a matter of how you would want it to work.

    i did this by using the code on
    so i added a meta value to my post, which is the same string as the thumb file name. was pretty easy and worked like a charm. but you still gotta generate your own thumbnail… which finally makes sense since all the portofolio pictures have different sizes/focus spots…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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