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    I’m thinking of setting up a new website that’s going to have several sections on it, this would include, one or two custom pages, articles, featured websites and interviews.

    What I need to know is, let’s say I have 3 categories which are: Interviews, Articles and Tutorials. I have 3 pages with the same names, Interviews, Articles and Tutorials. Would it be possible to write a post so that each page desiplay’s it’s categories and that these 3 categories never appear on the front page on my WordPress installation?

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  • With WP you can create two different type of ‘things’:

    • Posts are traditional blog entries, usually displayed in chronological order
    • Pages are more like what you get with a CMS – static pages with an optional hierarchical structure

    You can have both of these on the same site. For an example, look at :

    • Categories and Archive contains Posts (click on 2005 to see how the chronological filing works)
    • Sections contains Pages (click on Directory to see how the hierarchy works)


    I have a site that works similar to the way you desire. I first use Ryan Boren’s Front page Categories plugin to tell WordPress the categories that I want to have show on the front page. If posts to categories are not in this list, then they do not show up on the front page. I then put links to each of the individual categories that do not show up on the front page where ever I need them to show up like a regular page of content (sidebar, menu, static page, etc.) This method of course gets kludgey if you have a lot of categories that you want to show up on the home page and only a few that you want to keep off; it works much better when you have only a few that you want to show up on the front page. Check out Scott Reilly’s Customizable Post Listings plugin at coffee2code as well, this one may be of help in instances more like the first. Finally, Customizing your category template files may also be in order; The codex seems to be down for me; but Lorelle has a typically excellent discussion on how to use them here. This post has several links to relevant section of the codex so when it is back up and running you can find them from there.

    Thanks for the information! I also found an article that helps you do this, I thought I’d share it with you:

    Thanks for the links, Subfusion. I had no idea about the

    $blog = 1;

    thing. I usually just make links to category pages and use custom category templates. This is another way to do similar that may just be useful in the future…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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